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Thrive Montgomery 2050

  • thrive montgomery 2050

County Council approves Thrive Montgomery 2050

Thrive Montgomery 2050 is the long-awaited update to our county’s General Plan—the policy document that envisions what the future of Montgomery County could look like when we come together to realize an equitable vision that works for all of us.

The Wedges and Corridors Plan has served the county well in the past, but a new plan was needed to better meet the evolving needs and changing demographics of Montgomery County. As the first update to the General Plan in nearly 60 years, Thrive Montgomery 2050 gives us a clear path forward: to create places where we can increase accessible housing, improve transit, and strengthen businesses together in equitable, sustainable ways. The plan was approved by the Planning Board on April 8, 2021, and approved by the Montgomery County Council on October 25, 2022.

View the Approved and Adopted Thrive Montgomery 2050 Plan

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Key recommendations

  • Focus on growth in downtowns, activity centers, and along key corridors—with amenities serving existing and new residents while preserving our open spaces
  • Prioritize racial equity and economic competitiveness—throughout the county and especially in East County
  • Emphasize walking, biking, and transit—to reduce car traffic, minimize emissions, and keep everyone safer in their travels
  • Embed social connections and public health into our land use planning—because thriving depends on more than just new development
  • Enhance public and private spaces alike with arts and culture—because quality of place is integral to quality of life, as well as shared economic health
  • Target place-based environmental sustainability and resilience—so growth happens in already-dense places and the Agricultural Reserve and parkland remain protected for future generations
Last Updated: October 6, 2023