Design, Arts and Culture

Vision for Design, Arts and Culture

In 2050, Montgomery County is home to diverse cultures and is a leader in new ideas and emerging trends in culture, arts and entertainment. A comprehensive urban design vision strengthens and creates a collection of great towns, cities and rural villages, each with neighborhoods built around a walkable center.

Montgomery County’s buildings, public spaces, streets and infrastructure are designed to meet the needs of a changing population and combat climate change. Beautiful buildings frame walkable streets and welcoming public spaces that engage residents in activities that build relationships. All buildings and infrastructure contribute positively to the environment and improve the physical and mental health of users by encouraging an active lifestyle and exposure to nature at various scales. Streets are designed as a part of the public space network, offering a reliable and delightful journey that encourages people to walk, bike or take transit. Public buildings and major infrastructure projects are conceived by world-class designers who work directly with residents to integrate art, showcase local cultures and set a high bar for innovative design.

All residents have a say in how their neighborhoods look and everyone benefits equally from good design. Opportunities to experience art and culture as a part of daily life are equitably distributed. The county celebrates its heritage while welcoming newcomers. Urban design and planning policies protect vulnerable communities against gentrification and displacement, and the planning process engages all residents in decision making about the future of their communities. Architecture is a problem-solving tool to encourage innovation, increase affordability and provide access to well-designed buildings for everyone. A strong emphasis on design, arts and culture in Montgomery County makes our communities welcoming, inspiring, connected and fun. Residents, visitors and workers are attracted to the area and support economic development.

Read the draft Design, Arts and Culture Goals, Policies and Actions presented to the Planning Board on June 11.

Watch the Design, Arts and Culture Community Chat, held on June 29, and review the presentation.

Last Updated: July 10, 2020