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Community Equity Index Analysis

The Community Equity Index is an analytical model of equity-related indicators developed to better understand existing conditions in neighborhoods and to explore factors that may contribute to racial and social inequities in Montgomery County. The index serves as a quantitative baseline for understanding impacts of race, measuring inequities, and tracking changes in place-based disparities over time. The community equity analysis recognizes that it is not enough to document inequalities at the county level, it is important to understand the disparities among communities and monitor changing conditions. The goal of the analysis is to provide a tool that will support ongoing and future planning efforts, inform policies addressing disparities and aid in prioritizing resources.

By tracking key at a neighborhood level, the Community Equity Index will improve understanding of how race and place relate and change over time. The indicators used to derive the index will be chosen based on their current and historical relevance for equity analysis and the availability of reliable, accurate, regularly collected, and publicly available data at neighborhood-level geographies. The index will also expand on our previous Equity Focus Area analysis to provide a more robust, analytic tool with additional details for critical neighborhood characteristics.

Later this year, Montgomery Planning will share findings from the Community Equity Index analysis as a web-based, interactive map that visualizes the results across the county, reports results for comparison, and offers downloadable data for users to explore. The map application will also include neighborhood-level changes over the previous decade and a platform for monitoring community indicators to objectively document progress towards the county’s equity goals. Community-driven indicators help center the needs of disadvantaged communities in planning, policy, and investment decisions.


View the December 9, 2021, Community Equity Index Analysis, Introductory Briefing to the Planning Board 

Watch the December 9, 2021 presentation to the Planning Board.

Last Updated: August 4, 2022