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Upcounty Planning

Upcounty covers two-thirds of Montgomery County, including most of the county’s rural areas, the Agricultural Reserve, environmentally sensitive Special Protection Areas, and diverse range of communities, such as Fairland, Burtonsville, Sandy Spring, Ashton, Olney, Damascus, Clarksburg, Germantown, Darnestown, and Potomac.

Upcounty staff strive to:

  • Plan and manage growth within Upcounty by creating diverse, equitable, vibrant, sustainable, and resilient communities that are inclusive and interconnected through multi-modal transportation networks and offer a variety of affordable and attainable housing types.
  • Promote and support agriculture and agritourism in various communities and contexts within Upcounty.
  • Engage and include input from the diverse residents of Upcounty, while applying traditional and progressive planning approaches, which lead to meaningful recommendations and outcomes in our plans and the natural and built environment.

View all Upcounty master plans on the Communities page.

M-NCPPC staff contacts

Upcounty Planning ChiefPatrick Butler(301)
Administrative AssistantDominique Costley(301)
InternAmory Jones(301)
Master Plan TeamStaffTelephoneE-mail
SupervisorDon Zeigler(301)
Planner IIFlorence Dwyer(301)
Planner IIAudrey Vogel(301)
Planner IIIClark Larson(301)
Planner IIIDalia Madi(301)
Planner IIIJamey Pratt(301)
Planner IIINick Peavy(301)
Planner IIIRoberto Duke(301)
Regulatory TeamStaffTelephoneE-mail
SupervisorSandra Pereira(301)
Planner IIMariah Clayborne(301)
Planner IIUgo Njeze(301)
Planner IIJustine Gonzalez-Velez(301)
Planner IIIDoug Johnsen(301)
Planner IIIJeff Server(301)
Planner IIIPhillip Estes(301)
Zoning, Public Projects, and Agricultural Initiatives TeamStaffTelephoneE-mail
Planner IIJonathan Casey(301)
Planner IIIJosh Penn(301)
Planner IVMark Beall(301)