Complete Communities

Vision for Complete Communities

By 2050, Montgomery County is no longer developed around automobile usage. Instead, the county is made up of a series of people-focused complete communities, each designed to reflect their urban, suburban or rural context. While complete communities in urban centers look and feel different from those in suburban neighborhoods or rural villages, each complete community shares defined features that contribute to a high quality of daily life, regardless of location. Complete communities include a built environment with a mixture of uses; diversity of housing for all ages and abilities; and parks, trails and open spaces where people from different backgrounds can gather, be active and live healthy lifestyles. Each complete community allows safe and comfortable walking, rolling and biking access to destinations and integrates nature, arts and culture into its streets, buildings and infrastructure. Complete communities also provide access to food, healthcare, education and transit. Complete communities are equitable, anchor a strong economy and function sustainably to mitigate the impacts of climate change. Complete communities are loved by all residents and are places where the people of Montgomery County can thrive for generations to come.

Read the draft Complete Communities Goals, Policies and Actions presented to the Planning Board on June 11.

Watch the Complete Communities Community Chat, held on June 23, and review the Complete Communities Community Chat presentation.

Watch the Parks Community Chat, held on June 9, and review the Parks Community Chat presentation.

Last Updated: July 10, 2020