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Complete Communities

Montgomery County has reached a stage where greenfield opportunities largely have been exhausted and the general locations of business districts, residential neighborhoods, and farmland have been established, or are at least planned.

Thrive Montgomery 2050 reimagines our existing communities to maximize their attractiveness and efficiency through the creation of Complete Communities that are walkable places with a variety of land uses, infrastructure, services and amenities that meet a wide range of needs for the residents and workers. They include housing suitable for different household types, income levels, and preferences, helping to support racial and socioeconomic integration. The specific mix of uses and building types in Complete Communities vary depending on factors such as the size and location of the neighborhood or district; proximity to transit, parks and public facilities; variation in physical features such as topography and environmental resources; and other factors unique to the history and context of each place. Complete communities can help create truly integrated neighborhoods where people across the ethnic, racial, social, and economic spectrum not only live and work together but develop a sense of shared purpose and community. These elements also create opportunities for housing suitable to every stage of life, allowing residents to stay in the same neighborhoods as they age.

Complete Communities are grounded in the concept of 15-minute living, which seeks to locate as many services and amenities as feasible within walking distance of the center of a neighborhood to serve the daily needs of people who live or work within walking or biking distance. While a literal or rigid application of 15-minute living may not be practical outside of the centers and major corridors, Complete Communities – and 15-minute living – represent a departure from the automobile-oriented land-use planning of the last several decades and an important tool in reducing our reliance on cars and achieving our goal of eliminating greenhouse gas emissions.

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Last Updated: October 4, 2021