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The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission
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GIS and Mapping

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

The GIS team maintains a variety of applications to help the public explore Montgomery County data.

Programs and Areas of Focus

GIS Data and Web Applications

The GIS Team maintains accurate data and develops standardized tools and visual designs for the public to consume this data in easy to use applications. Data can be downloaded from the Data Downloads Hub. Browse interactive map viewers for easy to access information on specific topics.

Development Pipeline

The Montgomery Planning Department tracks the residential and nonresidential development pipeline for Montgomery County. The Pipeline is an inventory of development projects that have been approved by the Montgomery County Planning Board but not completely built. This inventory covers unbuilt dwellings units and unbuilt nonresidential building gross square footage.

More Pipeline information and resources can be found on the Development Pipeline page.

Property Layer

The ITI Division maintains the parcel GIS layer for Montgomery County, MD. This data can be downloaded from the Data Download Hub or viewed on MCAtlas.


The official Digital Zoning Map for the Maryland-Washington Regional District in Montgomery County is adopted by the District Council under Division 59.2.2 of the zoning code. The Montgomery County digital maps are certified by the Planning Director. The certification is part of the digital zoning layer, which is permanently kept and maintained by the Planning Department.

See the official zoning map of Montgomery County for detailed zoning information, and the Zoning Maps Catalog for PDF maps of all Sectional Map Amendments since 2014

Additional information about the zoning layers can be found on the Zoning Map Maintenance page.

Reports, Publications, and Presentations

2022 Annual State Land Use Report: As per the requirements established by State legislation, each local jurisdiction must submit an annual land use report to the Maryland Department of Planning (MDP). The objective of this request is to monitor growth statewide and to determine if State smart growth policies are having beneficial or unanticipated effects. This report for Calendar Year 2022 has been prepared by the Montgomery County Planning Department for Board approval of transmission to the County Council President and the State of Maryland Department of Planning.