Thrive Montgomery Outreach

Your Community. Your Future.

For Thrive Montgomery 2050 to be a meaningful, impactful plan it must reflect a shared vision of our wonderful, diverse community of residents, community-based organizations, businesses, institutions and government organizations.

Together, we’ll decide the priorities for Thrive Montgomery 2050.

That’s where you come in. Together, we can figure out how to position Montgomery County to thrive in changing times. To preserve what’s good about today while planning for what comes tomorrow. We need to understand your vision for life in Montgomery County in 2050.

Let’s have a dialogue about how we will guide our county through the next 30 years. Let’s take the time to talk today so we can all thrive tomorrow.

Computer with "Thrive" on screen on left. Text on right: Thrive Montgomery 2050. Let's plan our future. Together.Over the next few months, look for virtual Thrive Montgomery 2050 events. We’ll also be on social media and in your inbox (if you let us!), all with opportunities for you to quickly and easily share your thoughts on what it will take to keep Montgomery County thriving to 2050 and beyond.

There are still many ways to connect with, give feedback to, and ask questions of Montgomery Planning about Thrive Montgomery 2050. Email, call us and leave a message at 301-495-4650, or attend one of our upcoming virtual events.

We recognize that these are unprecedented and challenging times. We want to make sure everyone has the assistance and information they need during the pandemic. For updates on COVID-19 and available resources in the county, please visit from Montgomery County’s Public, Education and Government channels.

What we’ve heard (so far)

Since June 2019, Montgomery Planning has engaged the Montgomery County community to imagine what life will be like in 2050 to inform the development of the new General Plan and what is needed to allow us to thrive in the decades to come.

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We’ve heard many different concerns and ideas for the future from residents. From the nearly 500 comments we’ve received from events in the community or through online feedback efforts, we’ve been able to categorize the comments into themes. This tree map shows the most discussed topics from the community.

How we’ve reached out

Digital Advertising Campaign

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9,250+ Clicks on Ads
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1.1+ Million Reached


Outdoor/Transit Ads

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6,500 Reached Daily through Bus/Transit Ads
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1.4+ Million Views of Metro Platform/Digital Ads


Additional Digital Outreach

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22,433 Pageviews
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19,010 Unique Pageviews
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1,249 Eletter Subscribers


Thrive Quiz

1,500+ Unique Users


In-Person Engagement

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32 Presentations
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18 One-on-One Interview/Conversations
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6 Meetings


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16 Community Events

5 Youth Engagement Workshops
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3 Educational Presentations to Staff
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4 Interagency Meetings

What does the future of Montgomery County look like to you?

Give us your comments which will help guide our recommendations for the future of the county.

Thrive Montgomery 2050 Community Feedback

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Last Updated: July 13, 2020