Diverse Economy

Vision for a Diverse, Robust, and Equitable Economy

In 2050, Montgomery County’s economy is robust, adaptable and resilient. These capabilities are propelled and sustained by a diverse base of industries and workers. This diversity enables the county to absorb and adjust to unpredictable technological, environmental and societal disruptions that inevitably emerge. This diverse economic base includes current strengths, such as biotechnology research and manufacturing, scientific and technical services, public administration, and corporate management, as well as new and emerging industries. Montgomery County is a leader in creating the technologies that drive the U.S. and global economy forward in uncertain times. Entrepreneurship and a diverse economy offer new opportunities for economic prosperity for residents, but workers must also be able to afford to live in the county for this prosperity to be realized.

A strong economic ecosystem requires connections between businesses, workers and related public and private support agencies. These connections are encouraged physically through bustling, walkable and transit-rich central business districts, as well as “virtually” through world- class communications technology infrastructure to link businesses to each other and to the rest of the world and to accommodate different working arrangements. Montgomery County plays a lead role in creating and fostering such connections throughout the Baltimore-Washington, D.C., region because a strong and cooperative region is more innovative and grows more efficiently.

Read the draft Diverse Economy Goals, Policies and Actions presented to the Planning Board on June 11.

Watch the Diverse Economy Community Chat, held on June 10, and review the presentation.

Last Updated: July 10, 2020