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Development Review

Development Review Committee (DRC)

The Development Review Committee (DRC) is an inter-agency task force comprised of representatives from public agencies and utilities such as WSSC, PEPCO, the State Highway Administration, and the county Departments of Permitting Services, Environmental Protection, and Public Works and Transportation.

DRC members discuss the application with planning staff at a regularly scheduled meeting — not more than three weeks after the application has been accepted. Each agency, providing comments for the DRC meeting, does so in writing. Planners then prepare recommendations that are presented to the Planning Board as part of the public hearing on the proposed site plan.

DRC meetings are open to the public but are not public hearings.

Upon request, staff will meet with community representatives to discuss relevant issues. To schedule a meeting concerning a plan, please contact the Information Counter at 301-495-4610.


Live Video Stream and Video Archives

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Past Meetings

Past DRC meeting agendas with links to recordings for each item in the agenda are available below. These agendas with the recordings can also be found within our DAIC web page for each project. View past years’ agendas. Recordings of DRC meetings prior to November 23, 2021 are available upon request as we work to make previous recording available online. Contact the Planning Department’s Information Counter to receive past recordings.

December 7, 2021 DRC Agenda

November 23, 2021 DRC Agenda

November 9, 2021 DRC Agenda

October 26, 2021 DRC Agenda

October 12, 2021 DRC Agenda

September 28, 2021 DRC Agenda

September 14, 2021 DRC Agenda

August 17, 2021 DRC Agenda

August 3, 2021 DRC Agenda

July 20, 2021 DRC Agenda

July 6, 2021 DRC Agenda

June 8, 2021 DRC Agenda

May 25, 2021 DRC Agenda

May 11, 2021 DRC Agenda

April 27, 2021 DRC Agenda

April 13, 2021 DRC Agenda

March 30, 2021 DRC Agenda

March 2, 2021 DRC Agenda

February 16, 2021 DRC Agenda

January 5, 2021 DRC Agenda

Last Updated: September 26, 2022