Affordability and Attainability

Vision for Affordability and Attainability

In 2050, all Montgomery County residents have a right to affordable and attainable housing. Housing is not only a right, but a value added to the community and a means to meet our economic development, environmental resilience and equity goals. The county’s housing supply is affordable as well as attainable, meaning the market creates units that respond to the broader housing demands of the community. Housing policies, regulations and practices address the deep disparities that exist in wealth and homeownership shaped by a legacy of institutional racism, and discriminatory laws, policies, and lending practices in housing.

A key factor in Montgomery County’s ability to thrive is ensuring the availability of housing that meets the needs of the people who live here. In 2050, our housing supply grew to relieve pressure on the market, stabilize rents, and ensure housing is attainable for a broad range of incomes. This involved a comprehensive look at impediments to building housing, a will to change current policies when necessary, and an understanding that new housing and new residents are a benefit to Montgomery County.

Wide-ranging housing policies and actions that address supply, type, size, development costs, affordability, preservation, tenant protections, homelessness, and housing for older adults and people with disabilities are deployed to meet the varied housing needs of a diverse and growing population.

Read the draft Affordability and Attainability Goals, Policies and Actions presented to the Planning Board on June 11.

Watch the Affordability and Attainability Pints with a Planner, held on June 24, and review the presentation.

Check out #ThriveHousingDay on Twitter.

Last Updated: July 10, 2020