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Rustic Roads Functional Master Plan

  • Rural road lined with daylilies

The Montgomery County Planning Department has undertaken a technical update to the Rustic Roads Functional Master Plan in order to consider roads that have been nominated for inclusion in the Rustic Roads Program and to provide the necessary descriptions for several roads that are currently in the Program. Work on the plan update began in July 2019. This project will include the review of 20 nominated roads, descriptions for 29 roads currently in the Rustic Roads Program, and the integration of policies and programs that are not currently addressed in the master plans.

In addition to reviewing and describing these roads, the Master Plan Update proposes to make recommendations to revisions of current policies and programs and consider other items which may arise.

Rustic Roads Feedback Map

The Rustic Roads Feedback Map allows community members to provide feedback on the historic and scenic roadways in Montgomery County that are currently in the Rustic Roads Program or have been nominated for inclusion in the program. Staff will use these comments to inform the ongoing Rustic Roads Functional Master Plan.

Access the Online Rustic Roads Feedback Map


New Histories for Old Roads

Originally presented at the 2022 Montgomery County History Conference, the Rustic Roads Advisory Committee invited Cultural Resources Planner Kacy Rohn to make an encore presentation of her talk on March 22, 2022.

Last Updated: April 21, 2022