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NRI/FSD and FCP Exemption

Natural Resource Inventory/Forest Conservation Plan Exemption


Natural Resource Inventory/Forest Stand Delineations (NRI/FSDs) and Forest Conservation Plan Exemptions (FCPEs) are intended to document and map the locations of all existing environmental on-site features, including but not limited to topography, wetlands, floodplains, streams, and specimen trees.

The difference between an NRI/FSD and an FCP Exemption is the way the plans are used in our planning process.  NRI/FSDs must be approved before a Forest Conservation Plan application can be submitted.  FCP Exemptions, once confirmed, exempt the applicant from having to submit a Forest Conservation Plan as part of future applications.  For FCP Exemptions, applicants must identify which section of Forest Conservation Law 22-5A they believe they are exempt under.

For both NRI/FSDs and FCP Exemptions there are three possible levels of detail required:

Full NRI/FSDs:  Required where forest exists on the property and is impacted by the proposed activity.  Full NRI/FSDs must include a forest stand delineation and thorough description of the forest characteristics.

Simplified NRI:  Appropriate where no forest exists on the property, and therefore does not need to include a forest stand delineation or description of forest characteristics.

Existing Conditions Plan:  Simplified plan showing only basic site details in addition to extent of disturbance proposed.  Applicants must receive permission from Montgomery Planning Staff to submit an Existing Conditions Plan.

Forest Conservation:

NRI/FSDs must be approved before applicants can submit a Forest Conservation Plan.  FCP Exemptions, once confirmed, exempt applicants from needing to submit an FCP with future applications.

Development Review Committee (DRC):

NRI/FSDs and FCP Exemptions do not go to DRC.

Decision Type:

NRI/FSDs are approved or denied by area team environmental reviewers.  FCP Exemptions are confirmed or denied by Development Applications and Regulatory Coordination (DARC) forest conservation inspectors.


NRI/FSDs:  $860

FCP Exemptions:  $265

Review Time:

Applications are approved or denied within 30 days of intake acceptance.


NRI/FSDs and FCP Exemptions may not be amended.  You may only change the results of a NRI or FCP Exemption with a new plan.

Application Instructions

Fill out this application form and email the PDF to  Once our team has received the application and entered it into our system, the primary contact listed on the application form will be asked to upload files to ePlans.

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