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Administrative Subdivision Plan


An Administrative Subdivision Plan is used to create, consolidate, or adjust lots and property lines.  Administrative Subdivision Plans are much like Preliminary Plans, except rather than being acted on by the board, they are approved or denied administratively by the Planning Director.

Forest Conservation:

Before submitting a Administrative Subdivision Plan, a Natural Resources Inventory (NRI) or Forest Conservation Plan Exemption (FCPE) must be approved.  In cases where an FCP Exemption has not been confirmed, a Forest Conservation Plan must be submitted concurrently with the Administrative Subdivision Plan.

Development Review Committee (DRC):

Administrative Subdivision Plans always go to DRC.

Decision Type:

Administrative Subdivision Plans are reviewed by staff and submitted for action (approval or disapproval) by the Planning Director.  Planning Director approval of the plan is necessary prior to preparation of a record plat.


Administrative Subdivision Plan fees vary by project specifications.  Consult page 2 of our fee schedule to determine fee.

Review Time:

Application must be approved or denied within 90 days of intake acceptance.


Administrative Subdivision Plans may be amended. Before submitting an application, applicants must meet with planning staff and receive an amendment checklist that outlines the required submission items.

Application Instructions

Fill out this application form email the PDF to  Once our team has received the application and entered it into our system, the primary contact listed on the application form will be asked to upload files to ePlans.

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