Demographic Profile of Montgomery County’s Council Districts – A demographic profile of the five representative Council Districts is drawn from block group data compiled from the 2012-2016 American Community Survey approximating the district boundaries. Detailed population, employment, and housing characteristics are provided as a document and in tabular format.

Quick STATS: Montgomery County, MD –  The latest U.S. Census data profiling Montgomery County’s population, employment, and housing is readily available in this two-page summary. Topics include population and housing growth, race and Hispanic origin, foreign born, employment, education, income, and housing costs.

Montgomery County Income Blog Post  – This blog post explores the state of Montgomery County household income as well as changes in employment, by sector. Findings show that household income is still recovering from the Great Recession and that there has been a shift away from higher-paying jobs, such as professional and business services, federal government, and advanced manufacturing.

Regional{Pop}Stats – This interactive map shows data from the US Census 2009-2013 American Community Survey (ACS) for Montgomery County, MD and neighboring counties in the Washington, DC region. This tool is intended to provide users with estimates of population, housing, and income characteristics for custom combinations of Census Block Groups.

Montgomery County Trends At-A-Glance – The Research and Special Projects Division have produced an updated one-page trendsheet document featuring some of the most important facts and figures shaping the county. Click the link or the image to the right to learn some interesting population, employment, and housing findings.

View our analysis of the 2010 U.S. Census.


The demographic trendsheets report the latest trend or subject relevant to current policy questions in Montgomery County. The latest topic in this series focuses on the educational attainment of County residents ages 25 and older.

Demographic monitor (Educational Attainment), 4Q2013
Demographic monitor (Housing Cost Burden), 3Q2013
Demographic monitor (County-to-County Migration), 2Q2013
Demographic monitor (Median Income), 1Q2013

Poverty trendsheets

Poverty, December 2011 (pdf, 287 KB)
Poverty, December 2010 (pdf, 210 KB)

Last Updated: January 16, 2019