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Data tools to support the analysis of equity issues in Montgomery County

As part of Montgomery Planning’s ongoing implementation of its Equity Agenda for Planning, the department developed a series of data tools to help better understand past and present conditions in the county to facilitate discussions about equity. The tools provide different ways of looking at data on demographic, housing, and development characteristics in the county.

Racial and Ethnic Trends Storymap

This storymap is an interactive visual representation of the racial and ethnic changes in Montgomery County over 1990-2020. It uses the historical and latest Decennial Census data to illustrate the trends and spatial concentration of each race and Hispanic ethnicity. It also shows which of the four major groups (non-Hispanic Asian, Black, and White, and Hispanic) is predominant, majority, or the most common group in each Census tract.

Equity Focus Areas Storymap

Equity Focus Areas are parts of Montgomery County that are characterized by high concentrations of lower-income people of color, who may also speak English less than very well. Montgomery Planning developed a data-driven tool to identify and map these areas in the county in order to assess potential racial and social inequities. This includes access to resources and opportunities for employment, transportation, education, health, and government services that support a good quality of life.

Neighborhood Change Study

Using public U.S. Decennial Census and American Community Survey data, Montgomery Planning investigated neighborhood change across Montgomery County and the Washington, DC, metropolitan region in support of more equitable and data-driven decision making.

Redlining and Segregation Mapping Project

This study documents the historic patterns of segregation in the county.  The working draft interactive map illustrates the loans provided by the Home Owners’ Loan Corporation, Federal Housing Administration maps, and the use of racial and single family housing restrictive covenants at the subdivision level inside the Beltway. It also tracks Black homeownership for select years and subareas.

Community Equity Index

The Community Equity Index is an analytical model of equity-related indicators developed to better understand existing conditions in neighborhoods and to explore factors that may contribute to racial and social inequities in Montgomery County. The community equity analysis recognizes that it is not enough to document inequalities at the county level, it is important to understand the disparities among communities and monitor changing conditions. The goal of the analysis is to provide a tool that will support ongoing and future planning efforts, inform policies addressing disparities and aid in prioritizing resources.