Real Estate and Land Use

Real Estate and Land Use

New! – What does it mean for the 73.3 million SF of leasable office space in Montgomery County if 40%-50% of the 472,126 jobs here could be performed at home? How might office demand change coming out of the Covid pandemic? In our latest blog post on the Third Place we begin to explore these issue as the first of a three-part series.

Mixed-use Study – Montgomery County Planning Department is beginning a study of mixed-use properties in the County. Its primary goals will be to understand the characteristics of mixed-use properties in different parts of the county, as well as what aspects of mixed-use are doing well, and, finally, to provide recommended improvements to Montgomery County policies to enhance mixed use development.

Retail in Diverse Communities – The Montgomery County Planning Department is studying tools and policies to help preserve and strengthen clusters of retail that provide goods and services heavily catering to minority and ethnic sub-groups. These “international retail centers” contribute to the vibrancy of Montgomery County and often serve as community anchors and social support networks for foreign-born populations and communities of color. However, continued development and rent growth can threaten to displace these clusters in the absence of policies and initiatives to support them.

Long Life for Long Branch: Tools to Preserve Independent Retailers– Students at the University of Maryland (UMD) in a Partnership for Action Learning in Sustainability (PALS) class in Fall 2019 studied the diverse international retail cluster in Long Branch.  The class produced a report documenting current conditions and providing a comprehensive set of potential tools that could help preserve and enhance retail in the area.

Retail Market Study cover

Montgomery County Retail Market Study – Recognizing the importance of retail to the County’s economic competitiveness, as well as its role in creating vibrant commercial areas, a countywide Retail Market Study was prepared by Streetsense, a Bethesda-based retail design and strategy firm. The purpose of the study was to assess the strengths, challenges, and competitive position of retail in the County to develop strategies that will foster successful retail centers and keep them poised for the future.

Montgomery County Office Space Conversion Blog Post  – In a previous blog post, we explored trends likely to impact the adaptive reuse of office buildings, as illustrated through the Octave 1320 office-to-residential conversion in downtown Silver Spring. With its final unit now sold, the successful project prompted us to think about the future of office conversions in Montgomery County.

Office Market Assessment Report  – The Montgomery County Planning Department has completed an in-depth assessment of regional office market conditions and the implications for Montgomery County. Prepared by Washington, DC-based Partners for Economic Solutions (PES) and Research and Special Projects Division staff, the 106-page study examines an array of economic forces changing the Washington, DC region’s office market and best practices for next-generation office development. Staff presented this study to the Planning Board at its public meeting on June 25, 2015 and to the Montgomery County Council’s Planning, Housing & Economic Development (PHED) Committee on July 13, 2015. Learn more about the Office Market Assessment Report. View the infographic and presentation.

Aspen Hill Minor Master Plan Amendment Market Analysis – The Aspen Hill market analysis consists of three reports: Office Market Analysis, Retail Market Analysis, and the Residential Market Analysis. These reports assess the feasibility of future office, retail, and residential uses within the Aspen Hill Minor Master Plan Amendment area.

Sandy Spring Rural Village Market Analysis – The Sandy Spring retail market report analyzes the existing commercial retail environment as well as future types of retail businesses supporting the village center concept of the Sandy Spring Rural Village Plan. The report recommends suitable retail niches for the village center and characterizes the building spaces needed to accommodate these types of businesses. Review the Industrial Land Use Trends Study for Montgomery County (presentation and white paper).


NEW! Montgomery County Office & Retail Market Data – Countywide and Select Markets

The retail trends report details recent trends regarding vacancy rates, rents, and net absorption within the County and region.

Retail Trendsheet, 4Q2016, August 2017

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Office Space monitor, 2Q2014

Office Space monitor, 3Q2013

Office Space monitor, 2Q2013

Office Space monitor, 4Q2012

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Retail Space monitor, 2Q2013, August 2013

Retail Space monitor, 4Q2012

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