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Pedestrian Master Plan Tools and Resources

Tools and Resources


Pedestrian Master Plan Planning Board Draft

Pedestrian Master Plan Climate Assessment

Pedestrian Conditions in Montgomery County Video Series

Project Manager Eli Glazier demonstrates some of the issues that pedestrians face when walking or rolling in Montgomery County.

Pedestrian Prioritization Tool

Montgomery Planning asked for your help to identify how and where you would prioritize pedestrian infrastructure improvements through our Pedestrian Prioritization Tool. This feedback helped inform equitable and data-driven decision-making on the Pedestrian Master Plan’s recommendations and its future implementation.

Pedestrian Shortcut Map

The Pedestrian Shortcut Map is part of the county’s first Pedestrian Master Plan aimed at making walking and rolling safer, more comfortable, convenient and accessible for pedestrians of all ages and abilities in all parts of the county. It is also an effort to understand what informal pedestrian connections – apparent in trodden grass, dirt or gravel on public or private property – exist in Montgomery County.

Pedestrian Level of Comfort Map

Pedestrian Level of Comfort (PLOC) was developed by the Montgomery County Planning Department together with Toole Design Group to quantify how comfortable people feel when they walk in certain traffic conditions.

Pedestrian Audit Toolkit

walk audit toolkit cover

Use our interactive Pedestrian Audit Toolkit to identify areas in your neighborhoods in need of improvement. The toolkit also identifies the appropriate agencies to contact with your concerns.

View the Toolkit

Watch the September 28 Pedestrian Audit Toolkit Training video and download the presentation.

Existing Conditions Report

Existing Condtions Report cover
Montgomery Planning staff brief the Planning Board on existing conditions on March 31, 2022. Many pieces of this analysis were updated to using more current data as part of the approved Pedestrian Master Plan.

Pedestrian Master Plan Existing Conditions Report, March 2022: EnglishEspañol

Appendix A – Pedestrian Level of Comfort Methodology

Appendix B – Comfortable Connectivity (Part 1), (Part 2) and (Part 3)

Appendix C – Student Travel Tally

Appendix D – Countywide Pedestrian Survey

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