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Pedestrian Master Plan

The Montgomery County Planning Department is developing the county’s first Pedestrian Master Plan. The plan will make walking and rolling safer, more comfortable, more convenient and more accessible for pedestrians of all ages and abilities in all parts of the county.

The plan will complement the 2018 Bicycle Master Plan and plans for other modes of transportation through strategies for making streets safer and more accessible.

This plan will be comprehensive. In addition to prioritizing needed infrastructure, it will recommend new and amended policies and operational practices, design standards and programming.

walk audit toolkit cover

Pedestrian Audit Toolkit

Use our interactive Pedestrian Audit Toolkit to identify areas in your neighborhoods and need improvement. The toolkit also identifies to proper agencies to send concerns to.

View the Toolkit

Watch the September 28 Pedestrian Audit Toolkit Training video and download the presentation.

Last Updated: October 18, 2021