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Pedestrian Master Plan Advisory Group

The Pedestrian Master Plan Advisory Group (PedAG) will assist Planning staff throughout the planning process, developing the plan’s goals and objectives, delving into existing conditions, and critiquing draft recommendations. The PedAG will meet regularly for the duration of the plan, and all meetings will be open to the public, with an opportunity for public comment. Meeting dates and times will be posted in the project website.

The PedAG draws membership from two places: members appointed from stakeholder groups, and members chosen through an online application process. Staff identified 20 stakeholder groups that represent the county’s geographic regions, racial/ethnic groups, development community, and pedestrian interest groups, and asked them to appoint members to the PedAG. The PedAG has 11 members who applied, chosen from an applicant pool of 78 community members. Selected members come from across the county and bring diverse perspectives on pedestrian issues and opportunities. While some members bring technical transportation planning and engineering knowledge, all are passionate about making the county better for pedestrians.

PedAG Members

Stakeholder Groups

Action Committee for Transit
African Affairs Advisory Group
African American Advisory Group
Asian Pacific Advisory Group
Caribbean American Advisory Group
CASA de Maryland
Commission on People with Disabilities
East County Citizens Advisory Board
Latin American Advisory Group
Maryland Building Industry Association
Mid-County Citizens Advisory Board
Middle Eastern American Advisory Group
Montgomery County Coalition of Parent-Teacher Associations
Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce
Montgomery County Civic Federation
Montgomery County Regional Student Government Association
Pedestrian, Bicycle, Traffic Safety Advisory Committee
Silver Spring Citizens Advisory Board
Upcounty Citizens Advisory Board
Western Montgomery Citizens Advisory Board

Selected Members

Deborah Brown – North Bethesda
Chris Bruch – Chevy Chase
Cynthia Buddington – Gaithersburg
Andrew Campbell – Woodmoor
Marybeth Cleveland – Shady Grove
Javier Gamboa – Wheaton
Bernie Karns – Calverton
Sherlene Lucas – Aspen Hill
Anna Priddy – Forest Glen
Helene Rosenheim – Olney
Anne Tulkin – Long Branch

PedAG Meetings

Meeting #1, Silver Spring Civic Building  – February 24, 2020


Pedestrian Master Plan Advisory Group Meeting – 2/27/2020

SilverSpring.Connect broadcasted the first Pedestrian Master Plan Advisory Group meeting on Facebook Live to on Thursday 2/27 at 7:00pm. This event is presented by Montgomery County, Md., Planning Department.

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Posted by SilverSpring.Connect on Thursday, February 27, 2020

Meeting Materials



Draft Goals and Objectives

Best Practices in Pedestrian Master Planning

Meeting #2, Microsoft Teams  – June 11, 2020

Meeting Materials

Plan Update Presentation (5 MB)

Open Parkways Presentation (28 MB)

Complete Streets Design Guide Overview (4.8 MB)

Purple Line Pedestrian Connectivity Report Presentation -Forthcoming

Meeting #3, Microsoft Teams  – October 28, 2021

Meeting Materials

Presentation (17 MB)

Meeting #4, Microsoft Teams  – February 10, 2022

Meeting Materials

Presentation (10 MB)

Meeting #5, Microsoft Teams – July 26, 2022

The Pedestrian Master Plan team presented draft policy, design, and programming recommendations to the Community Advisory Group. The group discussed potential additional recommendations as well as group priorities for implementation.

Meeting Materials

Presentation (3 MB)