Corridor Forward: The I-270 Transit Plan

Montgomery County is considering potential transit opportunities that could serve the I-270 Corridor, but there is a need for a clear strategy to ensure resources are directed to the most efficient and valuable projects. The plan will take a strategic look at the potential transit options that could serve the county’s main north-south corridor. It will prioritize these options based on the county’s strategic, economic, environmental, and community needs, and will create a roadmap detailing the major steps that will need to be taken to realize the highest-priority project(s).

View the project Scope of Work Presentation to the Planning Board.

Watch video of the Virtual Community Kick-Off Meeting and Panel.

Transit Values Questionnaire

Woman on platform as MARC train arrivesPlanners must balance competing needs and interests to create a successful service. But they don’t make these decisions in a vacuum—they do so with input from the community that they serve. That’s why we need to hear from you! What are your transit values? Please take our brief. We’ll use your input to inform recommendations about prioritizing different options.
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I-270 Commute Patterns Map

Screenshot of interactive mapView an interactive web map that displays information on where people live and work, how they travel to work and the travel options available to them along the I-270 corridor.

View The Map

Last Updated: October 8, 2020