Corridor Forward: The I-270 Transit Plan

Without a clear understanding of corridor transit priorities, funding resources could be spread thinly across multiple projects, making it more difficult to advance any single transit option. The Corridor Forward Plan will produce a prioritized list of transit options and an implementation plan detailing the milestones and resources necessary for Montgomery County to provide transit to residents and workers in the I-270 corridor. The plan process includes a phased approach with opportunities for public input. First, Montgomery Planning and its consultant team will analyze the costs and benefits of potential transit options for the I-270 corridor. Montgomery Planning will then prioritize transit options based not only on ridership and travel times, but also based on the county’s strategic, economic, environmental and equity goals. Then, Montgomery Planning will identify the major steps needed for the county to realize the highest-priority project(s) when funding is available.

I-270 Commute Patterns Map

Screenshot of interactive mapView an interactive web map that displays information on where people live and work, how they travel to work and the travel options available to them along the I-270 corridor.

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Last Updated: September 22, 2021