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Clarksburg Gateway Sector Plan

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The Clarksburg Gateway Sector Plan will examine undeveloped areas—specifically, the eastern side of I-270 within the I-270 corridor—that have largely remained unchanged in the last 30 years. Alongside extensive local input and in-depth conversations with residents, business owners, and the tech and life sciences communities, Montgomery Planning staff will evaluate the plan area’s trends and conditions before developing recommendations for realizing a thriving Clarksburg that works for the future of both its residents and the surrounding county.

This sector plan is an amendment to the 1994 Clarksburg Master Plan and focuses on a portion of the 1994 Plan’s Transit Corridor District and small parts of a few surrounding areas. This area is part of the I-270 corridor—a significant employment resource for the county and the region. Planners will evaluate land use, zoning, transportation, and environmental and historic resources to determine if a new mix of land uses and zoning is more appropriate for this area. The sector plan will make recommendations for how best to update the 1994 Plan and its 2011 and 2014 amendments, including housing needs, road interchange design, staging of retail development, transportation corridors, and environmental recommendations.

Montgomery Planning looks forward to a collaborative effort to develop a plan for this community, based on existing needs and a shared vision for what those who live, learn, work, and play in its vicinity need to thrive.

Process and Timeline

Community Visioning Workshops

During this phase, the Clarksburg community is invited to help the planning team envision the future of the area included in the sector plan and explore solutions to community needs. The Planning team will continue to conduct analysis of potential alternatives for future land uses, transportation, environmental, school, and other impacts.

Attend Workshops in June

In-person community visioning workshops will be held Monday, June 10 and Wednesday, June 12, in the evening at Rocky Hill Middle School to share takeaways from visioning workshops held in May and to present the sector plan’s emerging ideas for community reactions. Feedback received at the June workshops will influence the preparation of Preliminary Recommendations for the sector plan area in the summer.

RSVP for the June 10 workshop

RSVP for the June 12 workshop

Recap of May Visioning Workshops

Community visioning workshops were held at Rocky Hill Middle School on May 21 and at Clarksburg High School on May 23 to gather public input on a range of topics that will be addressed by the sector plan, including community development, historic preservation, transportation, the environment, and parkland access and expansion. View the Planning team’s Introductory Presentation and poster boards displayed at each topical station at these workshops.

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People look at posters on easels
Montgomery Planning staff member stands in front of group seated at tables in U-shape formation
People sitting at lunchroom tables watch presenttion
People look at posters on easels
Three people look at posters on easels; three others talking in a group

Community Outreach, Engagement, and Analysis

Below are summaries of community outreach and engagement activities the Clarksburg Planning team has conducted to date. The team will continue to meet with community groups, public agency staff, property owners, and others.

February 15, 2024

Staff presented a community feedback report to the Planning Board containing a summary of and examples from the community feedback received to date. View the Community Feedback Report.

November 30, 2023

Staff presented an existing conditions report of the sector plan area to the Planning Board. Research and analysis conducted by the Planning team establishes baseline information of the area’s current conditions and helps to inform the future plan recommendations. View the Existing Conditions Report.

October 2023 Community Listening Sessions

View the October 3, 2023 presentation focused on transportation and the environment. Watch the video of the main session, including post-breakout-group summaries.

View the October 11, 2023 presentation focusing on housing, land use, employment, and economic development.

View the October 19, 2023 presentation that covered community identity, community facilities, parks, trails, and open spaces, historic preservation, and urban design.

View the October 28, 2023 presentation that covered all sector plan topics.

Summer 2023 Community Canvassing

Community outreach consultant firm, Everyday Canvassing, coordinated a neighborhood canvassing effort with the Planning team to speak directly with residents and businesses in and around the sector plan area. Community feedback from canvassing is included in the Community Feedback Report presented to the Planning Board on February 15, 2024.

Sector Plan Kickoff Meeting

The Planning team hosted a community kick-off meeting and open house to discuss the plan with members of the Clarksburg community in the park activity building in Clarksburg Neighborhood Park . Turnout was impressive, with over 75 people in attendance. View the July 26, 2023 presentation.

Plan Preparation and Scoping

This phase involved setting the plan boundary, project schedule, and primary topics to be considered as part of the sector plan.

July 26, 2023

The Planning team presented the Scope of Work and plan boundary to the Upcounty Citizens Advisory Board (UCAB) at its full board virtual meeting on Monday, June 26.

June 22, 2023

The Scope of Work for the Clarksburg Gateway Sector Plan was presented to the Planning Board on June 22, 2023. View the Planning Board Presentation.

Plan Boundary

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Schedule At-a-Glance

  • February – May 2023​
    Sector Plan Preparation​
  • June 2023​
    Pre-Scope Outreach​ and Scope of Work & Plan Area Boundary Presentation to Planning Board
  • July 2023 – April 2024​
    Community Outreach, Engagement, and Analysis
  • May – June 2024
    Community Visioning Workshops
  • Summer 2024​
    Staff Preparation of Preliminary Recommendations and Presentations to Community and Planning Board
  • Fall 2024​
    Staff Preparation of Working Draft
  • Winter/Spring 2025
    Planning Board Public Hearing, Work Session Review, and Recommendation to County Council
  • Spring/Summer 2025
    County Council Public Hearing, Work Session Review, and Consideration of Approval