Transportation planners in the Functional Planning and Policy Division:

  • Prepare detailed analyses of transportation issues and improvements needed to support expected growth during master plan preparation
  • Manage the application of adequate public facilities ordinance
  • Provide information about the transportation system as well as planned improvements
  • Develop the biennial Mobility Assessment report
  • Play an integral role in developing recommendations for the quadrennial Subdivision Staging Policy, which matches services like transportation with new development
  • Provide advice on high-profile public works projects, such as the Purple Line and the Silver Spring Transit Center

2013 LATR/TPAR Guidelines

LATR Guidelines CoverLATR/TPAR guidelines help ensure that development in Montgomery County is accompanied by appropriate, sufficient transportation facilities. The Planning Board and planning staff use the guidelines to estimate the impacts of development on the transportation network and determine effective ways to mitigate that impact. Learn more and download guidelines

Montgomery County Traffic Study Scoping Form

Traffic Study Scoping Form Release Letter

Last Updated: November 1, 2017