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Growth and Infrastructure Policy

The Growth and Infrastructure Policy (GIP) is the tool by which the County ensures its essential public facilities, particularly schools and transportation systems, keep pace with development. It tests the County’s infrastructure for adequacy based on projected capacity, growth, and future development. The policy is updated every four years to ensure that the tools used for evaluating the impact of development on essential public facilities, such as a delay-based transportation test or student generation rates, reflect the latest growth patterns of the County.

County Code requires the Planning Board to find that public facilities will be adequate to support and service the area of a proposed subdivision before approving a preliminary plan. The County Code directs the Planning Board to transmit a draft of the GIP to the County Council by August 1, 2024, and for the County Council to adopt the 2024-2028 policy by November 15, 2024. As part of the 2024 GIP update, planners are focusing on:

  • Examining policy outcomes to ensure that the tools are equitable, fair, and effective.
  • Ensuring the policy helps reach the goals established in the County’s General Plan, Thrive Montgomery 2050.
  • Analyzing the County’s current growth trends.

Project Timeline

  • September 2023
    Initial Planning Board Briefing
  • October 2023-March 2024
    Community Engagement
  • October 2023-February 2024
    Schools Technical Advisory Team (STAT) and Transportation Advisory Group (TAG)
  • February / March 2024
    Planning Board Update
  • March 2024
    Community Roundtable
  • May 2024
    Planning Board Briefings
  • May 2024
    Planning Board Public Hearing
  • June-July 2024
    Planning Board Worksessions
  • July 2024
    Planning Board approval of Planning Board Draft and Resolution
  • September-November 2024
    County Council Public Hearing, Review and Approval