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The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission

2024 Technical Update

Well-planned transportation can be a real asset to a community’s quality of life—and the Master Plan of Highways and Transitways (MPOHT) ensures Montgomery County has a well-planned transportation system that best serves its residents, business owners, and visitors. This plan guides the county’s investments in its roads, transitways, and related transportation infrastructure. It is a comprehensive summary of all significant existing and planned highway and transitway infrastructure in Montgomery County. It provides a “road map” for making transportation investments in the county and includes provisions that impact all modes of transportation, like preserving rights-of-way to accommodate future transportation systems, identifying lanes dedicated to general traffic, designating transitways and transit stations, and establishing target speeds for individual roadways.

Development of recommendations

Since August 2023, Montgomery Planning has been developing draft recommendations for consideration for the Technical Update to the Master Plan of Highways and Transitways. This effort includes reviewing feedback from the project’s technical advisory group, which meets monthly. One of the primary drivers of this technical update is new county laws (bills 24-22 and 34-22) that converted all Montgomery County street classifications to be consistent with the Complete Streets Design Guide. In addition, the 2023 Pedestrian Master Plan added new area types. Accordingly, this technical update is also intended to refine the highway recommendations in many of the newer area types. The most significant change envisioned is the addition of target speeds for all streets that do not have a master-planned target speed (this typically includes plans approved before 2021).

View a series of videos that provide an overview of street classification.


The Scope of Work for the Master Plan of Highways and Transitways Technical Update was approved by the Planning Board on September 21, 2023 and will address the following:

  • Street Type and Target Speed
    Ensure that master-planned street classifications align with the Complete Streets Design Guide and establish target speeds for each master-planned street.
  • Transitway and Transit Stations
    Ensure that transitway and transit station recommendations align with Montgomery County’s bus rapid transit projects and add transitway connections that would enhance future bus rapid transit service.
  • New Approach to Street Design along Growth Corridors
    Introduce a new approach to street design for suburban sections of Thrive Montgomery 2050 “Growth Corridors”, such as Georgia Avenue, Veirs Mill Road and New Hampshire Avenue. As these streets are to be a focus of future growth and will experience substantially more walking, bicycling and transit use, they need to be designed to accommodate growth.


The MPOHT is a highly technical functional master plan that can have a wide range of impacts on development and redevelopment along county and state streets within the county. The project team will provide the following:

  • Technical Advisory Group: meet monthly with representatives from Montgomery Planning and the Montgomery County Department of Transportation.
  • Community Engagement: Municipalities, civic associations, advocacy groups and others will be engaged via public meetings, an e-letter and online materials.

Public outreach efforts

  • Focused outreach to citizen advisory boards and transportation-focused committees and groups in March through April 2024.
  • The development of a webpage with draft recommendations and a webmap where the public can submit comments to Montgomery Planning.
  •  A virtual public meeting in early April 2024 to present MPOHT’s draft recommendations and demonstrate how to view them and provide comments.
  • A public hearing and presentation of the working draft of the technical update in late May through July 2024.
  • Work sessions with the Planning Board in September and October 2024 to address Planning Board concerns and the public’s comments.
  • Submission of the Planning Board’s draft to the County Council in October 2024.

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  • September 2023
    Planning Board Scope of Work and First Technical Advisory Group meeting
  • March 2024
    Development of Recommendations
  • May 2024
    Working Draft of Plan
  • July 2024
    Planning Board Public Hearing
  • Fall 2024
    Planning Board Draft
  • Fall/Winter 2024
    Montgomery County Council Review