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2021 Travel Monitoring Report

The 2021 Travel Monitoring Report (TMR) is the latest edition in a history of monitoring reports produced by the Travel Monitoring and Modeling Group dating back to 2004. The TMR is continuation and rebranding of the semi-biennial Mobility Assessment Report (MAR) and continues the legacy of monitoring transportation performance and usage throughout the County. As with each edition of the TMR, the report strives to explore and leverage new alternative transportation datasets and analytical tools that help provide a clearer vision of how the County is meeting its transportation goals, objectives, and metrics defined in the General Plan (Thrive Montgomery 2050) and Functional Plans as well as the Growth and Infrastructure Policy. 

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Summary Report

The TMR summary report is an abbreviated version of previous travel monitoring reports with an added focus on recent impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and economic inefficiencies caused by single occupancy vehicle (SOV) travel. The summary report is for residents and public officials who are interested in tracking legacy countywide metrics and data (vehicle miles traveled, congestion, intersection level of service, transit ridership, etc.).  

disruptive technology white paper

Disruptive and Emerging Technologies White Paper

Huge investments are being made in technologies and companies that aim to make Mobility as a Service (MaaS) mainstream and profitable. This may have profound impacts on Montgomery County’s ability to meet various transportation goals in the future. This white paper examines recent disruptive and emerging technology trends in the transportation sector that are helping facilitate and redefine MaaS business models. The author also wrote a blog post about the topic.

Corridor Themed Infographics

The TMR includes focused analysis on the travel conditions along 15 of Montgomery County’s major roadway corridors. This set of infographics provide highlights for travel time, transit coverage, bicycle facilities, and crash history along each corridor.

About the Travel Forecasting and Travel Monitoring Group

The Travel Forecasting and Travel Monitoring Group (TFTMG), a section of the Countywide Planning and Policy Division, is tasked with providing technical support for planning efforts at all scales including countywide functional plans, area master plans, and development review. The TFTMG conducts travel demand modeling and forecasting as well as collects and reports on the many transportation related datasets maintained by Montgomery Planning. 

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David Anspacher