Retail Market Study coverMontgomery County Retail Market Study – Recognizing the importance of retail to the County’s economic competitiveness, as well as its role in creating vibrant commercial areas, a countywide Retail Market Study was prepared by Streetsense, a Bethesda-based retail design and strategy firm. The purpose of the study was to assess the strengths, challenges, and competitive position of retail in the County to develop strategies that will foster successful retail centers and keep them poised for the future.


Economic Indicators

The Economic Indicators is a fact sheet that tracks changes in key economic indicators including at-place employment, resident labor force, home sales, commercial vacancies and rents, and permit issuance activity.

Economic Indicators, 4Q, 2019, April 2020
Economic Indicators, 3Q, 2019, January 2020
Economic Indicators, 2Q, 2019, September 2019
Economic Indicators, 1Q, 2019, October 2019
Economic Indicators, 4Q, 2018, December 2018
Economic Indicators, 3Q, 2018, September 2018
Economic Indicators, April 2018
Economic Indicators, September 2017
Economic Indicators, July 2017
Economic Indicators, 1Q 2017, August 2017


The retail trends report details recent trends regarding vacancy rates, rents, and net absorption within the County and region.


The Employment monitor report is a periodic summary of employment and unemployment trends in Montgomery County.

Employment monitor, 1Q2017, September 2016
Employment monitor, 2Q2013, August 2013
Employment monitor, 1Q2013, January 2013
Employment monitor, September 2011
Employment monitor, August 2011
Employment monitor, July 2011
Employment monitor, June 2011 
Employment monitor, May 2011

Employment monitor, April 2011
Employment monitor, March 2011
Employment monitor, December 2010
Employment monitor, November 2010
Employment monitor, October 2010
Employment monitor, September 2010
Employment monitor, August 2010
Employment monitor, July 2010
Employment monitor, June 2010
Employment monitor, May 2010


Last Updated: May 1, 2020