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Silver Spring Downtown and Adjacent Communities Plan Equitable Engagement

Equitable Engagement

Since kicking off the engagement for this Plan in July 2020, planning staff has connected with residents, community organizations, property owners, civic associations, condo boards, employers, business owners, Montgomery College and county agency partners.  View the full list of meetings and events.

During the Listening Phase, planning staff heard from over 500 stakeholders about what they wanted to see happen in the future of Silver Spring. Learn more about what they heard.

Then, during the Visioning Phase, planning staff imagined the future of Silver Spring with the community through:

  • Visioning Workshops – Over 150 stakeholders participated in our virtual, interactive Visioning Workshops organized by different areas of the plan. View the recordings of the Visioning Workshops.
  • Chat with a Planner series – Planning staff held five informative conversations with experts from the planning team about: parks, sustainability, housing and urban design at Veterans Plaza. View the recordings of the Chat with a Planner series.
  • ReactMap – This interactive, online mapping tool received over 500 comments. View ReactMap.

To learn more about the Silver Spring Downtown and Adjacent Communities plan as it is presented to the Planning Board and then County Council, sign up for our eLetter.

Last Updated: October 1, 2021