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The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission

Thrive Montgomery 2050 Distance Engagement

Computer with "Thrive" on screenon left. Text on right: Thrive Montgomery 2050. Let's plan our future. Together.

Join Us, Give Feedback, Participate, Thrive.

Thrive Montgomery 2050 is our chance to figure out – together – how Montgomery County can be a great community over the next 30 years.

Recent events have raised some fundamental questions about how we live together – and how we want to live together for the next 30 years. Does everyone have access to safe, affordable housing and food? If not, why not? Where in our county does equitable access to health care need to be improved? How can we better use technology to improve our environment and keep us connected?

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, Montgomery Planning is offering many ways to participate in the Thrive Montgomery 2050 process while respecting social distancing. The Planning Board approved the distance engagement strategy for Thrive Montgomery 2050 at their meeting on April 30. View the details.

Now is your chance to weigh in on the future of the county. Participate online, by phone, in English or Spanish.

Community Chats

Community Chat

Montgomery Planning hosted a series of virtual community chats, providing an opportunity for a deeper dive into the Draft Vision and Goals. A representative from each working group facilitated these short meetings. We invited community members to submit questions in advance of the chats through Montgomery Planning’s website, by email and through our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The community was able to follow along on social media using the hashtag #ThriveMontgomery2050.

Past Community Chat Videos

Parks, June 9

Diverse Economies, June 10

Connectedness, June 16

Conectividad, 16 de junio

Healthy Communities, June 17

Safe and Efficient Travel, June 22

Complete Communities, June 23

Healthy and Sustainable Environment, June 23

Culture and Design, June 29

Diverse and Adaptable Growth, June 30

Pints with a Planner

On April 28, Thrive Montgomery 2050 hosted their first Pints with a Planner – an online happy hour featuring Chair Casey Anderson and Commissioner Partap Verma. It was a good virtual turnout. Questions were answered directly from the community about the COVID-19 response and planning for the future. Watch the video of the event below.

On Wednesday, June 24, Montgomery Planning hosted their second Pints with a Planner, focused on the topic of Housing. Planning Board Chairman Casey Anderson and Housing Planner Lisa Govoni discussed why the rent is too #$%! high and what policies we’re exploring in Thrive Montgomery 2050 to make housing more affordable and attainable.

Ask Me Anything/Pregúntenme Cualquier Cosa

In May 2020, Planning Director Gwen Wright hosted this virtual townhall series to introduce the Thrive Montgomery 2050 Draft Vision and Goals to the community. The first three meetings were in English with live Spanish translation; the fourth, featuring Planning Board vice chair Natali Fani-González, was in Spanish with live English translation. Watch the videos of Gwen Wright’s introduction and all four sessions below.
En mayo de 2020, la Directora de Planificación Gwen Wright organizó la siguiente serie de reuniones públicas virtuales con el fin de presentar a la comunidad la visión y las metas del proyecto Montgomery Prospera 2050. Las tres primeras reuniones se presentaron en inglés con traducción en vivo al español; la cuarta fue presentada en español por la vicepresidenta de la Junta de Planificación, Natali Fani-González, con traducción en vivo al inglés. A continuación están las grabaciones de las cuatro reuniones virtuales y la introducción de Gwen Wright.

Ask Me Anything Videos

Session #1, May 15

Sesión #1, 15 de mayo

Session #2, May 18

Sesión #2, 18 de mayo

Session #3, May 20

Sesión #3, 20 de mayo

Sesión #4, 23 de mayo

Session #4, May 23

Distance Learning

Thumbnail image of distance learning worksheet

Hey kids! Planning for the future of the county is for you too! Tell us about YOUR neighborhood and community—what you like and what you’d like to change. Print out the worksheet or fill it out digitally. Take a pic of your completed worksheet and email it to, tag us on social media, or use the hashtag #thrive2050 to share your work!

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