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The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission

Boyds Master Plan

Approved and Adopted February 1985

The Rustic Roads Functional Master Plan amended the plan in 2004. See the MARC Rail Communities Plan for an update to the area near the train station.

“Somewhat isolated from the urban metropolis of “down-County” and the District of Columbia, its residents highly value its serenity and seek to protect it from urban encroachment. …It is the intent of this Plan to address those needs which are critical to rural areas in a manner which is sensitive to the community and not simply an attempt to adapt urban concepts to a rural scale.”

From the Introduction, Boyds Master Plan (1985), pp. 2-3

View the Boyds Master Plan (1985) [PDF, 29 MB]

Table of Contents

Little Seneca Lake


Land Use Plan Recommendations
Major Planning Issues
Land Use Plan Concepts
Residential Land Use Recommendations
Industrial Land Use Recommendations
Commercial Land Use Recommendations
Planning for Historic Preservation
Community Facilities Planning Recommendations

Plan Objectives

Public Facilities
Water Supply
Sewer Service

Diabase Deposit
Quarry-Related Planning Concerns
Summary of Quarry Development Guidelines



  1. Resources Within Boyds Historic District
  2. M-NCPPC Resolution of Adoption
  3. Montgomery County Council Resolutions of Approval

List of Figures

  1. Plan Showing Relationship with Germantown & Clarksburg Planning Area
  2. Land Use Plan Map
  3. Master Plan Historic District
  4. Historic Resources Within the Planning Area
  5. Transportation Improvements Map
  6. Diabase Deposit Map
  7. Locations of Aggregate Sources
  8. Zoning Plan