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Montgomery Planning Board holds Public Hearing on Takoma Park Minor Master Plan Amendment; work sessions on the plan begin October 19

September 15, 2023

Takoma Park Minor Master Plan Amendment page
Community may submit written testimony to Planning Board until September 30 on draft plan re-envisioning areas along Maple Avenue and Flower Avenue, including the Washington Adventist campus area.

WHEATON, Md. – The Montgomery County Planning Board, part of The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission (M-NCPPC), received testimony from Takoma Park community members on the Takoma Park Minor Master Plan Amendment Public Hearing Draft during its livestreamed public hearing September 14. The Planning Board will continue to take public comments on the plan until September 30.  Planning Board work sessions are scheduled to begin October 19 to incorporate public comments and review and revise the draft plan.

At the end of the work sessions, the Planning Board will send an updated Planning Board Draft of the plan to the County Council for its review and to the County Executive for comment.  The community may continue to provide feedback on the draft plan to the Montgomery County Council during its public review process.  The County Council has final approval of the plan.

The plan is a partnership between the Montgomery County Planning Department, part of The M-NCPPC, and the City of Takoma Park. The Takoma Park City Council reviews the current draft plan at each step of the public approval process and provides resolutions to the Planning Board and the County Council.

Read the Public Hearing Draft of the plan and visit the plan’s dedicated website for more information and resources including:

A YouTube video about the plan.

An informational flyer on the plan in English, Spanish, French, and Amharic.

A brochure with a self-guided tour of the major sections of the Plan Area.

Flow chart explaining the City of Takoma Park’s role in reviewing and approving development.

“Thank you to the Takoma Park community for participating in this innovative public hearing that featured a dual livestream from the Planning Board Auditorium in Wheaton and the Takoma Park Community Center, which provided more access and better convenience for the community to watch the hearing and share their thoughts on the draft plan,” said project lead Melissa Williams. “Montgomery Planning is looking forward to incorporating public comments and Planning Board comments at the upcoming work sessions to make revisions to the plan that envisions a reimagined, reconnected, and resilient community with new housing options, greener and safer streets, and improved access to amenities.”

Submitting Written Comments

By September 30, any individual or organization may submit comments on the Public Hearing Draft of the Takoma Park Minor Master Plan Amendment to the Planning Board by emailing the Chair’s Office at, or via mail addressed to: Chair, Montgomery County Planning Board, 2425 Reedie Drive, Wheaton, MD 20902. Any correspondence to the Chair’s Office must include your mailing address.

About the Takoma Park Minor Master Plan Amendment

The Takoma Park Minor Master Plan Amendment updates portions of the 2000 Takoma Park Master Plan to re-envision the section of the city that includes the Washington Adventist Hospital and University campuses, the Erie Center (located at the intersection of Flower Avenue and Erie Avenue), and multi-family properties, parks and the Takoma Park Community Center located along Maple and Lee avenues. This plan boundary was determined by the Montgomery County Planning Board in coordination with the City of Takoma Park. It was approved by the Planning Board on September 30, 2021.

The Takoma Park Minor Master Plan Amendment’s webpage is updated with more information about the plan and on the ways the community can get involved and stay connected. The website has an updated plan timeline, frequently asked questions, how you can set up a meeting with a planner, and a place to sign up for the Takoma Park Minor Master Plan Amendment eLetter.

Key Recommendations of the Takoma Park Minor Master Plan Amendment

Land Use, Zoning and Housing

  • For compatible future development flexibility, recommend residential and commercial mixed-use zoning for properties on and around Washington Adventist campus and along Maple Avenue.
  • Provide pedestrian-oriented environments with walkable blocks, attractive public spaces, neighborhood serving retail, and attractive stormwater management.

Improved Connectivity

  • Improve bicycle and pedestrian safety and connectivity.
  • Incorporate a well-lit, walkable Green Promenade from town hall to the Washington Adventist campus.
  • Seek opportunities for a micro-mobility hub for better multi-modal access.

Environmental Resiliency

  • Enhance the community’s ability to adapt to, mitigate for, and thrive in the face of climate change.
  • Support the city’s Stormwater Management Program to improve Sligo Creek water quality and reduce untreated runoff and flooding.
  • Provide methods to reduce impervious surfaces.
  • Minimize urban heat islands by incorporating cooling elements like street trees and shaded seating areas into the streetscape. 

Parks and Open Space

  • Enhance the ecological health and performance of Sligo Creek Stream Valley Park
  • Study the potential for community garden at Opal A. Daniels Park
  • Connect surrounding communities through Washington Adventist campus to Sligo Creek Stream Valley Park and Maple Avenue

Historic Preservation

  • Evaluate the Heffner Park Community Center, Sligo Seventh-day Adventist Church, and Krestview sites for potential historic significance and listing on the Master Plan for Historic Preservation.
  • Study Takoma Park’s historic African American neighborhoods for potential future listing on the Master Plan for Historic Preservation and/or the National Register of Historic Places.
  • Promote cultural heritage and further exploration of the community’s past.
  • Seek opportunities to retain historic design elements and resources. 

Equitable Engagement

To ensure the Takoma Park Minor Master Plan Amendment is strongly rooted in the community’s identity and core values, Montgomery Planning implemented an inclusive engagement strategy throughout the planning process. Since September 2021, the Montgomery Planning team and City of Takoma Park partners have gathered input from more than 550 people at farmers’ markets, community events, and retail “pop-ups” in commercial areas, as well as from multiple civic and neighborhood association meetings.

Additional engagement activities included:

  • canvassing at multifamily properties along Maple and Lee avenues and at Washington Adventist University
  • a virtual visioning hub
  • a Visioning Open House with 100-plus community members
  • an interactive visioning exhibit at Takoma Park Community Center
  • regular plan briefings at Takoma Park City Council meetings.

Translation services were provided during each engagement activity throughout the process as well as a questionnaire in English, Spanish, French, and Amharic.