GIS Team Projects

Current Projects

  • GIS Strategic Plan – With the completion of the base layers of property and Planimetric in 1997, the County Council foresaw the need to establish a plan to ensure the GIS data would be maintained in a timely fashion and made available to all staff.  As such, Montgomery County’s first GIS strategic Plan was in completed in 1996.  Since that time, the GIS program has continued to grow and provide a solid foundation to the Planning Department and a verity of county agencies.In fiscal year 2007, the GIS program will be revisited with a new strategic plan.  The purpose of this plan is to document the current program, determine user requirements for data format and timeliness, and establish funding and update schedule for the Planimetric database.Phase I of the plan addresses the state of the GIS program countywide, a comparable jurisdiction review, current technology approaches, and recommendations. Based on the findings from Phase I, Phase II will establish the following: improved documentation of workflow for key data layers (addresses, streets, buildings); proposed budget for purchased data; and an interagency governance model. Phase II work has begun.
  • Base GIS Layer Maintenance – The GIS team is responsible for the update and maintenance of the Property (Cadastral) and Planimetric geographic databases.  Property database includes lot and parcel lines; street name, lot, block, and subdivision annotation; and state assessment account identifies.  The Planimetric database includes 64 separate features items grouped into 14 layers.  These include building outlines, parking lots, edge of pavement roads, forest stands, hydrology, and more.
  • Countywide Impervious Surface calculations – The GIS team creates and maintains impervious surface data for the entire county.  Depending on the project requirements, several approaches to calculate imperviousness can be employed.  Imperviousness can be calculated for an area using existing Planimetric data, estimates based on grid estimates, and image processing.
  • Master Address Repository (MAR) – M-NCPPC is responsible for assigning addresses throughout Montgomery County. By creating a Master Address Repository, each address will be assigned a unique location, including properties that have multiple of addresses, such as retail commercial centers.
  • Interactive web mapping – Built on our enterprise GIS database and web capabilities, the GIS Team is expanding the exisitng web mapping capabilties. Coming this July.
  • Adapting new technologies for Commission Use – Using the capabilities of the ArcGIS 9.3 Desktop and Server platforms, the GIS team is enabling staff throughout M-NCPPC Montgomery County to easily find geographic information and create maps quickly.

Recently Completed

  • Park Maps updated – Summer 2007, the collection of park maps have been updated.  Each park operated by M-NCPPC in Montgomery County is available on its own 8 ½ x 11 printable map.  Click here.
  • Strategic Plan Phase I — Spring 2009, completed the initial phase of the GIS strategic Plan.
Last Updated: June 13, 2018