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Web App – Census-demographic explorer – Regional (Pop) Stats

October 11, 2017


This is a collaboration between Research division and the ITI division. The goal of this initiative is to develop a mapping site that allows self-serve users to aggregate Census 2010 and American Community Survey(ACS) data for custom analysis regions. The entire metro region is included in this project.


  1. Get ACS data from Research Staff and download blockgroup geography layers
  2. QC data and upload to GIS Oracle Database
  3. Design new website with a more modern look and feel
  4. QC and test statistical calculations
  5. Share with internal staff for testing and feedback
  6. Promote go live, demonstrate to Board


Melissa Noakes is the Project Manager for this effort. Roberto Ruiz, and Chris McGovern are technical resources.


This is an upgrade to the website, which only included demographic data from the 2010 Census. The upgrade includes ACS demographic data, data for several counties surrounding Montgomery County, more selection options for calculating statistics, and the ability to export data.

Past Activities:

  1. Step A initially began in 2013 after receiving 2011 ACS data from Pam Zorich in the Research group. A new version of the census2010 website was created to include this ACS data (
  2. In October 2015, we received new ACS data from Research (including demographic data for jurisdictions surrounding Montgomery County). After inspecting and correcting the data, it was uploaded into our GIS database.
  3. New functionality was added to the website, such as: ability to calculate blockgroup statistics for the DC Metro area, ability to calculate statistics by county or by Montgomery County Council Districts, and the ability to export data.
  4. April 2016 – Existing website code was moved to a more modern template and given a new name ( Research staff tested the website and verified the calculations were correct.  The website is now ready for testing and feedback from staff in other Divisions.

Ongoing Activities:

Step E:  Share with internal staff for testing and feedback

  • August 2016 – After initial testing we decided to change the website template to the one-panel JavaScript template also used for several of our other websites such as Zoning, Bikestress, DPS, etc.
  • October 2016 – Now adding additional reference layers to the map, and the ability to get statistics for their underlying BlockGroups.

Future Activities:

Step F:  Promote go live, demonstrate to Board in December