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Hansen 8.2 Upgrade to 8.5

December 22, 2017


ISGIS is upgrading existing Hansen regulatory software, enabling point of sale (cash register) feature, and automating the accounting modules by integration between Hansen and the ERP Lawson system. This is to be accomplished by contracting Infor consulting services. Regulatory fees will be generated from the Hansen system and can be paid for online or through the POS capabilities of Hansen. This improves the user experience and efficiency.


This is a Planning Department initiative.  Scope includes:

  1. Assess required work to upgrade existing 8.2 Hansen and Dynamic Portal – draft delivered 12/16
    1. Infor preparing SWO scheduled for delivery the week of 1/4
  2. Extend Infor’s assessment services work order Agreement from 350499-000 to 350499-001
  3. Perform upgrade on test instance of Hansen 8.2
  4. Reestablish Authoize.Net account for POS and online sales
  5. Perform upgrade on test instance of Hansen 8.2 Dynamic Portal
  6. Point of Sale (POS) and online payment on test instance 8.5 Hansen
  7. Test system POS and online payment integration using ION with Lawson
  8. Perform upgrade on production instance of Hansen 8.2
  9. Production POS and online payment integration using ION with Lawson
  10. Lawson POS and online payment go-live on production Hansen 8.5



Three 2008 R2 servers per 8.2 – 8.3 specs have been built and 8.2 software is installed.  New database server rebuilt using Microsoft Server 2012 R2 server and Oracle 12c.

The project team includes:

  • Henry Mobayeni – Project Sponsor
  • Scott Stickerod – Project Manager
  • Chris McGovern
  • Steve Cary
  • Melissa Noakes
  • MNCPPC Finance:
  • Abbey Rodman
  • Milly Chung

Infor project team:

  • Don Goggans – Project Manager
  • Jimi Stricklin – Project Sponsor


  • Jay Johnson – Account Representative


The primary requirement triggering this upgrade is to achieve online payments and Point of Sale.

Montgomery County Planning Department utilized a HP 3000 system for its enterprise regulatory system prior to 2000. As a Y2K project Hansen CDR 7 software was select to replace the HP 3000 system. In 2010 the upgrade to Hansen 8 was completed. An additional upgrade was completed to incorporate online applications in 2013 utilizing a customized Hansen Dynamic Portal.  It was determined to hold off on the implementation of online payment via Hansen’s Dynamic Portal until a PCI compliant release was available that allows for online checks and credit card payment.

The DARC’s information counter requires a new Point of Sales system. It was determined following an Infor demo at a meeting on 10/14/2015 between DARC and ITI staff to utilize the Hansen cashiering module along with new POS hardware to replace the existing system.

Ongoing Activities:

  1. Perform upgrade on test instance of Hansen 8.2. Demo site available for review.
  2. Reestablish Authoize.Net account for POS and online sales. Informed 5/1/2017 issue with Authorize.Net and POS sales equipment. Switching to Elavon merchant account and payment gateway via Fusebox. Elavon Merchant Account received 5/24/2017 (MID: 8031410874). Coordinating Payment terminal and interface between Elavon, Infor, and Ingenico started 5/25/2017 with call to Elavon technical support and continues through Elavon account reps and Infor project manager. Process started for secondary MID for eCommerce and service fee method of recovering transaction fees.
  3. Perform upgrade on test instance of Hansen 8.2 Dynamic Portal – COE start work in July. Initial demo 8/23/2017.
  4. Point of Sale (POS) and online payment on test instance 8.5 Hansen
    1. Interface required for Credit Card smart chip reader (Ingenico iSC250) – Infor started work in July.
    2. POS Hardware:
      1. Ingenico iSC250 credit card scanner. Need to purchase from Elavon per interface requirement in “a.” above.
      2. HP Hybrid Thermal Printer with MICR (FK184AA). Purchased and received.
      3. HP Imaging Barcode Scanner (BW868AA). Purchased and received.
      4. HP USB Standard Duty Cash Drawer (E8E45AA). Purchased and received.
      5. PC – initial setup with Visual Studio 2013 install complete.
  5. Test system POS and online payment integration using ION with Lawson. Working with Infor and CAS to complete system requirements document.
  6. Requested a final firm fixed price change order to cover all work required for completion on 12/21/2017. Infor to provide ASAP.


Future Activities:

  1. Perform upgrade on production instance of Hansen 8.2
  2. Production POS and online payment integration between POS
  3. Lawson POS and online payment go-live on production Hansen 8.5


Past Activities:

  1. (A.1) Infor Upgrade Assessment services work order signed.
  2. (A.2) Kickoff meeting of assessment phase held 11/3/2015.
  3. (A.3) Provided Infor with requested VPN connection information and copies of the Hansen 8.2 database, application, and dynamic portal customized source code. Also, provided available Hansen system customization documentation, parcel integration source code, and ProjectDox integration code.
  4. (A.4) Assessment of Hansen 8.3 system by Infor begun with a completion date set for 12/4/2015. Delivery delayed to 12/11/2015 by Infor. Draft delivered for conference call on 12/16/2015.
  5. (A.5) Infor now preparing SWO for assessed upgrade scheduled for delivery the first week of January 2016.
  • Meeting scheduled for 1/12 delayed until 1/28. SWO for only the Upgrade and POS cashiering implementation delivered 1/27. It didn’t include the Hansen/ION/Lawson interface required work.
  • Conference call 2/2 – meet to discuss interface requirements.
  • Conference call 3/7 – meet to discuss interface requirements (Stephanie wasn’t part of this meeting). Told SWO for integration would be available in a few days.
  • We were unable to get any response from Infor until 3/29. We were informed that “Our senior management is trying to resolve outstanding items, contractually on the EAM side, that need to be resolved for ION work to move forward. They’ve been trying to get into contact with Stephanie Akerley in procurement to resolve the issues.”
  1. (B)  CAS and INFOR working to agree on contract.
  • Contract signed by MNCPPC and sent to Infor for counter signature the week of October 6th.
  • Received signed contract from Infor 11/1/2016 via email.
  1. (C.1) Initial meeting with Infor held 11/16/2016.
  2. (C.2) Decision to upgrade Database server to 2012 R2 using Oracle 12c. (Infor (Don) thought it should be fine).
  3. (C.3) Decision to use SecureLink gatekeeper for VPN connection for Infor. Installation completed and login confirmed by Infor 12/30/2016. Database server access added 1/10/2017.
  4. (C.3) Hansen database upgrade and creation of Hansen TRNCLASS instance completed by 12/30/2016.
  5. (C.4) Infor COE resources started upgrade 1/5/2017.
  6. (C.5) 1/23/2017 Infor reported need for a change order to add COE resource rates. Also, issues with the upgrade to 8.5.
  7. (C.6) 1/30/2017 received Infor’s COE rates change order. U.S. resource would need to take over until change order signed. Signed change order returned from Infor 3/13/2017.
  8. (C.7) U.S. resource (Vince Ortega) started working on the upgrade.
  9. (C.8) Upgrade needed to start over from a fresh copy of Hansen 8.2.2 instance due to issues found in the initial COE upgrade. PROD0215 instance created, sync’d, and notified Infor on 2/20/2017.
  10. (C.8) Foreign key issue identified. Initially, thought that this issue wouldn’t cause a stop in work but discovered Hotfix would be required for the Core.dll from the development group. Worked stopped on our system on 4/3/2017.
  11. (C.8) Hotfix for Core.dll being installed (5/9/2017)