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Tree Care and Tree Selection Resources

Tree care and tree selection resources

The resources below may be useful for those interested in planting trees in Montgomery County or caring for trees received through Montgomery Planning’s Reforest Montgomery program. For more information on who is responsible for planting trees on different property types in Montgomery County, view the Who Plants Trees Guide. If you are interested in planting a tree yourself, the Reforest Montgomery Tree Planting Guide is a useful resource.

Benefits of planting trees

Cool City Streets and Air. Trees can cool city streets 2-4 degrees Fahrenheit, reducing deaths from heat and cutting energy use.
Reduce Energy needs. Trees can reduce home energy usage by 16%
Manage water flow. Trees keep pllutantws out of waterways and reduce urban flooding
Improve physical and mental health. Trees help interrupt thought patterns that lead to anxiety and depression
Filter pollutants. Trees filter up to one-third of fine particle pollutants within 300 yards of a tree
Increase biodiversity. Trees provide habitat for migrating birds and pollinators
Mitigate climate change. In 2020 Montgomery County's trees sequestered over 538,000 metric tons of CO2
Increase property value. Well-designed streetscapes can increase foot traffic in commercial areas by 20-40%

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