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Native Trees Discount Qualifying Trees

Qualifying Trees

Some trees are native to Montgomery County and most to Maryland. Native tree species in this list are preferred to non-native, invasive tree species. As you select one or more trees for your yard, please choose from this list:

ash, white
Fraxinus americana
O or S, DR, RW
ash, green
Fraxinus pennsylvanica
beech, American
Fagus grandifolia
O or S, RW, M, R, DR
birch, river
Betula nigra 
O or S, (O preferred), R, DR
cedar, eastern red
Juniperus virginiana
O, DR, U
cedar, northern white
Thuja occidentalis
O or S, W, R (native to Potomac, neutral swamps or lime outcrops)
cherry, black
Prunus serotina
O or S, DR, U, UW
cherry, choke
Prunus virginiana
O or S, R, M, RW
chestnut, American
Castanea dentate
O or S, D, UW, U, DR (poor, dry or acid soils)
Populus deltoids
O or S, R, DR, M, RW
dogwood, flowering
Cornus florida
O or S, R, DR, M, UW, U
elm, slippery
Ulmus rubra
O or S, RW, D, U, UW (limestone outcrops)
elm, American
Ulmus americana
O or S, R, DR, M, RW
gum, black
Nyssa sylvatica
O or S, R, M, W, RW
Tsuga canadensis
O or S, M, R, U, UW
hickory, swamp or bitternut
Carya cordiformis 
O or S, RW, M
hickory, shagbark
Carya tomentosa
O or S, UW or RW, M, DR
hickory, pignut
Carya glabra
O or S
holly, American
Ilex opaca
O or S, UW, RW, DR, M, R (headwaters)
hornbeam, American
Carpinus caroliniana
O or S, UW, RW, R, DR, M, W
hornbeam, hop
Ostrya virginiana
O or S, UW, RW, R, DR, M
locust, black
Robinia pseudo-Acacia
O or S, U, UW, DR (roadsides, fields, pastures)
magnolia, southern
Magnolia grandiflora
O or S, U, UW, DR
maple, red
Acer rubrum
O or S, UW, RW, M, W, R
oak, black
Quercus velutina
O or S, D, M, RW, UW
oak, blackjack
Quercus marilandica
O or S, D, U (sandy or shaly soils)
oak, chestnut
Quercus prinus
O or S, U, D (rocky upland soils)
oak, pin
Quercus palustris
O or S, W, M, R, RW, U
oak, post
Quercus stellata
O or S, D, U (poor soils)
oak, red
Quercus rubra
O or S, U, UW, DR
oak, scarlet
Quercus coccinea
O or S, D, U
oak, shingle
Quercus imbricaria
O or S, R, RW, M, DR
oak, swamp white oak
Quercus bicolor
O or S, W, M, R, RW, U
oak, white
Quercus alba
O or S, RW, M, W, UW, U, R, W
oak, willow
Quercus phellos
O or S, DR, M, R, W
paw paw
Asimina triloba
O or S, DR, R, M
redbud, Eastern
Cercis canadensis
S, DR, UW, R, M, RW
sycamore, American
Platanus occidentalis
O or S, DR, U, UW, R, W, M
walnut, black
Juglans nigra
O or S, DR
walnut, butternut or white
Jugians cinerea
O or S, DR, R
*Suitable Habitat keys:
D: dry soils
DR: well drained riparian habitat
M: moist or saturated soils some of the growing season
O: requires open, sunny areas or canopy gaps
R: riparian habitat or bottomlands
RW: rich, moist woodlands (bottomlands)
S: shade tolerant
U: upland, open areas (such as pasture)
UW: upland woods
W: wetlands, very saturated soils
Last Updated: April 17, 2020