Silver Spring Downtown and Adjacent Communities Plan

The Montgomery County Planning Department is updating the sector plan for downtown Silver Spring that was last adopted in 2000. This plan will analyze and reevaluate all aspects of the existing plan while considering the transformation that Silver Spring has experienced over the last twenty years. It will guide future growth in Silver Spring, and its recommendations will build on engagement with the entire community. There will be many opportunities for the community to contribute to the vision for the future of downtown Silver Spring.

The team will explore a range of elements, including, but not limited to: land use and zoning, community identity and character, housing, economic development along  with an office/retail market study, transportation, access and connectivity, environmental impacts, parks and open space, urban design elements, historic resources and community facilities. We will add more elements as the engagement effort and existing conditions analysis begin. Planners will consider all plan recommendations as part of a holistic approach to shaping the future of downtown Silver Spring.

At the request of the Planning Board on March 26, 2020, staff prepared a study and options for the Plan boundary including a revised scope of work. Staff presented the boundary options to the Planning Board on June 4, 2020. The Planning Board approved the scope of work, and the planning team is beginning the community engagement process and the existing conditions analysis.

View the June 4 Staff Presentation and Community Comments.

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Plan Boundary

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The northern boundary of the sector plan area extends along portions of Ballard Street, Spring Street, Fairview Road and Noyes Drive. From the intersection of Noyes Drive, the boundary extends east across Colesville Road to Ellsworth Drive and Mayfair Place to Pershing Drive and continues east along Woodside Parkway until it intersects with Dale Drive.

The eastern boundary of the plan area extends south along Dale Drive, crossing over Wayne Avenue to Bonifant Street, where it follows Bonifant Street southwest until it intersects with Cedar Street. The boundary extends south along Houston Street until it intersects with Thayer Street, where it extends west along Thayer Street until it intersects with Grove Street. The eastern boundary continues south along Grove Street until it intersects with Sligo Avenue. The boundary again continues south along Woodbury Drive until it intersects with Fenton Street on the south end of the Plan area to the Maryland/Washington, DC line.

The western boundary of the Plan area extends along Eastern Avenue until it intersects with 16th Street which extends north until in intersects with Spring Street.

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Last Updated: July 7, 2020