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Silver Spring Streetscape Standards Update

Downtown Silver Spring Gateway Sign
Veterans Plaza

The Silver Spring Streetscape Standards is a technical document that private developers and the County use to install streetscape improvements in downtown Silver Spring.  The Standards address sidewalk paving, street trees, street lighting, furnishings, and stormwater management.  

Montgomery Planning prepares, maintains, and updates the Streetscape Standards in coordination with County and state agencies, including the Montgomery County Department of Transportation, the Montgomery County Department of Permitting Services, the Maryland State Highway Administration, and the Silver Spring Urban District. 

The Streetscape Standards were last approved in 2019 and are currently being updated to reflect the goals and recommendations approved and adopted 2022 Silver Spring Downtown and Adjacent Communities Plan and the associated Design Guidelines.   

The updated Streetscape Standards will address issues like accessibility and cool streets by reviewing and revising standards as needed. This effort will include continuous coordination with partner agencies and is expected to be completed by spring 2024.   

Until the updated standards are approved, the 2019 Streetscape Standards remain in effect.