Damascus (1982/1985)

Damascus Master Plan (1982/1985)

Approved & Adopted 1982 – Amended 1985

The 1982 Damascus Master Plan was amended in 1985, 1993, and with the Rustic Roads Functional Master Plan in 2004.. Part of the plan area was again amended with a new master plan in 2006.

Table of Contents
Plan Highlights
Plan Introduction
Environmental Concerns
Land and Use Recommendations
– Transportation
– Damascus Business Area Plan
– Residential Land Use Plan
– Agricultural and Open Space Preservation
– Community Facilities

Maps & Figures
Damascus Master Plan Study Area
Drainage Basins
Soils Which Pose Septic System Limitations
Soil Limitations (for buildings with basements)
1966 Damascus Master Plan
Land Use Plan
Proposed Traffic Circulation and Rights-of-Way
Proposed Business Area Road Improvements
Damascus Business Area Development Constraints
Damascus Business Area: Generalized Existing and Proposed Zoning
Business Area Land Use Plan
Transition Area
Ridge Top Development Pattern
TDR Receiving Areas
Agriculture and Open Space
Proposed Agriculture Reserve Area
Parkland Map
Magruder Branch Stream Valley Park Design Concept
Historic Sites
Generalized Existing Zoning
Zoning and Highway Plan
Proposed Sewer and Water Service Areas
Bypass Alternatives

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