White Flint

White Flint Sector Plan

Midtown on the Pike

Approved and Adopted April 2010

White Flint AppendixThe Montgomery County Council on March 23, 2010 unanimously approved the White Flint Sector Plan. Download the approved and adopted plan [PDF]. (pdf, 10 MB) Note: The plan file was downsized for faster downloads. For a higher-resolution version, request the approved and adopted plan on CD-ROM.

In February, planners, county officials and the White Flint Partnership accepted a 2012 Maryland Sustainable Growth Award-Smart Growth Communities for White Flint implementation strategies. The recognition came because the Sector Plan implementation addresses several smart growth principles defined by the state Sustainable Growth Commission, from quality of life and sustainability to public participation.

In October 2010, the plan won the “Neighborhood/Small Area Plan award” from the National Capital Area chapter of the American Planning Association.

The White Flint Sector Plan aims to:

  • Create thriving, diverse mixed use center with highest intensity closest to Metro and along Rockville Pike
  • Create new parks and open spaces
  • Transform Rockville Pike into a boulevard with street trees and improved crosswalks
  • Develop a transportation network that includes a grid of new public streets
  • Improve the pedestrian and bicycling environment
  • Promote sustainable development

This Sector Plan updates the 1992 North Bethesda Garrett Park Master Plan. Several stakeholders including property owners, residents, a steering and an advisory committee, contributed to creating the Plan.

News and Events

White Flint in the News

  • Pike & Rose was awarded this year’s Award of Excellence for a Planning Project from the American Planning Association (APA), County Planning Division, and its sister organization, the National Association of County Planning. (NACP). https://www.planning.org/divisions/countyplanning/awards/
  • The White Flint Implementation and Collaboration program has been selected for a 2013 National Association of Counties (NACo) Achievement Award. The Award recognizes innovative county government programs and provides examples of “best practices” from counties across the nation.
  • Listen to the December 2011 National Public Radio piece, “Maryland County Rethinks the Shopping Mall,”featuring an interview with former Planning Director Rollin Stanley
  • Read the October 2011 Planning Magazine story, The Upsizing of White Flint [PDF](858 kb)

White Flint Development Activity

Track development in White Flint using our staging monitor, which follows each stage of development plans submitted in the sector plan area.


All Commercial Residential (CR) zoned properties in White Flint require a sketch plan as the initial application. A sketch plan illustrates the general massing of new buildings; anticipated uses, open spaces, pedestrian and vehicular circulation systems; and relationships between buildings to existing and proposed uses.

Sketch plan approval is required before applicants can submit preliminary and site plans.

Plan Sketch Plan approval Preliminary Plan approval Site Plan approval Details Rendering
Saul Centers White Flint 320140010 approved April 2014 Up to 1.43 million sq. ft. of residential development and up to 205,000 sq. ft. of non-residential development on 9.42 gross acres. Saul Centers White Flint Sketch Plan [PDF]
Pike and Rose – Phase 2 32011010 approved January 2011 120120020 approved February 2012 and 12012002A approved October 10, 2013 820130120 approved October 10, 2013 and 820120020 approved February 2012 Up to 645,976 square feet of residential development and up to 1,122,960square feet of non-residential development on approximately 13.21 gross acres See images and additional information at http://pikeandrose.com
Gables White Flint 320130010 Approved October 2013 120150010 approved April 2015 820150010 approved April 2015 Up to 476 residential dwelling units and 31,000 square feet of non-residential development on approximately 5.14 gross acres Gables Sketch Plan [PDF]
Pike and Rose 32011010 approved January 2011 120120020 approved February 2012 820120020 approved February 2012 24 acres Phase I: 493 residential dwelling units and 341,800 square feet of non-residential development. Phase II: site plan under review by the Planning Department. See images and additional information at http://pikeandrose.com
North Bethesda Gateway 320110020 approved January 2011 Up to 1.26 million square feet of non-residential development and up to 1.07 million square feet of residential development. North Bethesda Gateway Site Plan [PDF] (369 KB)
North Bethesda Market II 320110030 approved January 2011

Amendment: 32011003A approved January 2015

120120060 approved March 2012

Amendment: 120120060A approved January 2015

820120040 Approved March 2012

Amendment: 82012004A approved January 2015

Up to 470 residential dwelling units and 175,260 square feet of non-residential development.
White Flint Mall 320120040 approved October 2012 5.22-million square foot development will include 2.87 million square feet of residential uses, office, retail and public uses and public uses. White Flint Mall Site Plan [PDF] (20.8 MB)

Staging Allocations

Prior to the submission of a building permit, each development must receive a Staging Allocation Request (SAR) from the Planning Board. The SAR draws down on the residential and non-residential development recommended in the Sector Plan.

The Planning Board on April 16, 2015, approved staging allocation for 160,705 square feet of non-residential development for Pike and Rose-Phase II-Buildings 1A, 3A, 4 and 8-as approved in Site Plan No. 820130120.

On July 24, 2014, the Planning Board approved allocation of 368 residential units and no non-residential development for Buildings 6 and 7, as approved in Site Plan No. 820130120.

The Planning Board, on January 17, 2014, granted Staging Allocation No. 25800 approval to Pike and Rose for 1,000 square feet of non-residential development.

In March 2012, the Board approved Staging Allocation Request No. 25400 for Pike and Rose (Mid-Pike Plaza), allocating 493 residential dwelling units and 262,800 square feet of non-residential development.

White Flint Biennial Monitoring Report

The Montgomery County Planning Board has transmitted the first Biennial Master Plan Monitoring Report to the County Council and County Executive. Required by the White Flint Sector Plan, the monitoring report includes an assessment of development approvals, public facilities and amenities, Subdivision Staging and the Capital Improvements Program (CIP).

Read the 2017 Report

Read the 2015 Report

Read the 2013 Report

White Flint Tax District

The County Council approved the establishment of a Special Taxing District for the White Flint Sector Plan area. The tax district is authorized to levy an ad valorem property tax to fund some transportation infrastructure improvements. Download the approved legislation (Bill 50-10 [PDF] (pdf)) and Implementation Strategy and Infrastructure Improvement (Resolution 16-1570 [PDF] (pdf)).

To jump start development, the County Council has approved a Planning Board-recommended financing plan that would set up a special tax district for property owners. Diane Schwartz Jones, assistant chief administrative officer with the County Executive’s office, and Jacob Sesker, economic planner with the Planning Department, explain in this clip from Montgomery Plans.

White Flint Urban Design Guidelines

White Flint Design Guidelines make specific recommendations for streets, open spaces and buildings within the White Flint Sector Plan. The guidelines promote an attractive and successful public realm defined by streets, open spaces, and attractive buildings.
View guidelines [PDF] (5.7MB)

Commercial Residential Zone

Most of the White Flint Sector Plan area is in the CR zone. The zone requires the establishment of CR guidelines that detail the standards and requirements for public benefits. View the Incentive Density Guidelines.


View the agenda [PDF] for the September 12 Implementation Committee meeting.

Download the Planning Board-approved guidelines [PDF] (5.3 MB) for coordinating, staging and monitoring the implementation of the recommendations in the White Flint Sector Plan.

The county’s Department of General Services is developing an implementation strategy for some amenities — such as a recreation center and meeting space — in White Flint. Two public charettes held in June 2011 provided input on proposed public facilities.

Sector Plan Implementation Advisory Committee

Property owners and residents from within the plan area, civic and homeowners associations from surrounding residential communities, transportation management representative, and Executive Branch staff were originally appointed to this overview committee by the Planning Board on September 30, 2010. The Planning Board reappointed the Committee in 2012. The Committee will:

  • Review assumptions made regarding traffic, including transit use and parking
  • Monitor plan recommendations
  • Identify new projects for the amenity fund
  • Monitor the county Capital Improvement Program and Growth Policy
  • Recommend action by the Planning Board and County Council


Michael Springer US Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Bill Hard LCOR
Kristi Smith JBG Companies (White Flint Partnership)
David D. Freishtat Bethesda-Chevy Chase Chamber of Commerce
Todd Lewers Forum Condominium
John King White Flint Community Coalition
Mary Ward Crest of Wickford
Chad Salganik Franklin Park Homeowners Association
Ruwan Salgado Gables, Tuckerman Condominium Association
Edward Rich Resident of Old Farm
Natalie Goldberg Resident of Garrett Park Estates
Jay Corbalis Federal Realty Investment Trust
Peggy Schwartz Transportation Action Partnership, Inc.
Michale Krauthamer Resident
Abbe Milstein Luxmanor Citizens Association
Francine Waters White Flint Partnership, Lerner Enterprise
Paul Meyer Resident of the Wisconsin Condominium
Randy Kenna Combine Properties (White Flint Partnership)
Andrew Bossi Montgomery County Department of Transportation
Allison Dollar MontgomeryCounty Department of Finance
Dee Metz Office of the County Executive (White Flint Coordinator)
Gabriela Cadenda Resident of Walnut Grove Condominium
Jeff Derogatis Resident of White Flint Park-Garrett Park Estates
Brian Downie Saul Centers (White Flint Partnership)

Implementation Advisory Committee Meeting Schedule


(Please note the meeting location is at Wall Local Park/Kennedy Shriver Aquatic Center, Old Georgetown Rd & Nicholson Ln, North Bethesda


View the makeup and activity of previous sector plan advisory committees.

Developer Collaborative

The development collaborative is a group of commercial property owners in White Flint: Federal Realty Investment Trust, The JBG Companies; Holladay Corporation; White Flint Mall (Lerner Enterprises/The Tower Companies) and the Combined Properties. Read the collaboratives economic analysis report [PDF].


White Flint Master Plan on “Montgomery Plans”

Our planners, working closely with the community, are finalizing an update of the White Flint sector plan, which guides development for the next 20 years. The White Flint plan recommendations include ideas for new gathering places; the combination of stores, offices and apartments; new streets and walking routes; and easy access to transit. (August 2007)

In August 2007, the White Flint Master Plan was featured on “Montgomery Plans” the Planning Board’s show airing on County Cable Montgomery.

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