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On Wedges and Corridors: A general plan for the Maryland-Washington Regional District in Montgomery and Prince George’s counties (1964)

View the General Plan on Wedges and Corridors (1964) [pdf, 44 MB]. The complete document is represented by the index below:



  • Front Matter
  • Introduction
  • Table of Content (Part I, II and III)
  • Why … on wedges and corridors

Part I. The Plan

  • Goals
  • The Urban Pattern
  • The Rural Pattern
  • Public Services

Part II. Carrying out the Plan

  • Zoning
  • Tax Policies
  • Subdivision Controls
  • Park and Open Space Acquisition
  • Natural Resources Advisory Committee
  • Urban Renewal
  • Community Appearance Advisory Committee
  • Unifying Government Affairs
  • A Vigorous Planning Program

Part III. Trends and Alternatives

  • Trends
  • Alternatives

Part IV. Appendix

  • Appendix

Part V. Maps

  • Maps
Last Updated: October 26, 2017