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Thrive Montgomery 2050 Strategic Framework

Strategically Planning To Thrive.

Strategic Framework

The Strategic Framework was developed by reviewing national and regional examples of other plans and best practices, interviews with other jurisdictions, individual and group interviews with public, institutional and private sector leaders in the county, and a workshop with a panel of local and regional experts. Approved by the Planning Board in January 2019, the strategic framework is an organizing structure and a tool for approaching the Thrive Montgomery 2050 process. It is the first step in informing how we will develop a new General Plan.

Download report: A Strategic Framework for the Montgomery County General Plan Update – June 2019

The framework consists of three main themes or outcomes for the General Plan Update: economic health, community equity and environmental resilience. The three themes permeate all other issues and areas of concern and, in turn, are impacted by all major changes and trends, such as demographic shifts, economic forces, technological innovations, lifestyle preferences and climate change. These themes will be reviewed and refined with the community’s input during the initial outreach phase of the project.

Last Updated: August 23, 2019