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General Plan Refinement of the Goals and Objectives (1993)

View the General Plan Refinement (1993) [pdf, 21 MB]

The complete document is represented by the index below:


Front Matter



General Plan Amendment Process

Table of Contents

Chapter One: Vision for the Future

  • Introduction
  • Definition of the General Plan
  • Impetus for the General Plan Refinement
  • Legislative History of the General Plan / General Plan Refinement Adoption Process
  • Guiding Principles of the General Plan Refinement
  • Consistency with the Maryland Planning Act of 1992
  • Geographic Components of the General Plan Refinement
  • Challenges of Implementing the General Plan

Chapter Two: Goals, Objectives and Strategies

  • Introduction
  • Land Use
  • Housing
  • Employment/Economic Activity
  • Transportation
  • Environment
  • Community Identity and Design
  • Regionalism


Staff Acknowledgements

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