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Tactical Urbanism: People and Pavement

2017 APA Conference Session on Sunday May 7, 2017 Session Code #9107964

This is the Resource page, provided by Margaret Rifkin, for those who are seeking more information about the topics covered in this APA session.

Session Description:

How can you set up local government policies for people to initiate and test their own ideas for interventions for walking and biking? What are the issues and challenges of creating a path and crosswalk on existing asphalt, and how do you address them? This session covers these topics and more.

New! Review the presentation from Margaret Rifkin’s Tactical Urbanism session at the 2017 APA Conference (PDF)


Montgomery County, Maryland Planning Department Urban Designer and Planner Margaret Rifkin presents with Mike Lydon of Street Plans Collaborative, on tactical urbanism and the relationship between people and pavement at the 2017 APA Conference in New York City. Margaret was one of the lead creators of the “purple path” in Silver Spring as a pedestrian safety improvement and art project.  Rifkin has been a lead in the creation and management of the Department’s new Design Excellence Award Program, an initiative that recognizes the best in urban design in Montgomery County. Attendees in the People and Pavement session will learn:

  • How to set up a program for community-initiated demonstration projects to test ideas for improving walking and biking.
  • The basics of planning, designing, implementing, and maintaining a temporary path through an existing parking lot and an artistic crosswalk.
  • What is the MUTCD manual, and why does it matter? How to find and follow best practices for such projects based on the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).
  • Why are safety and design considerations such as color, texture, patterns, and posts important?

More Great Info about the topic!

Quick Links:

  1. Pinterest Board showing Crosswalk Art found on the web: see the Pinterest page of “Margaret K Rifkin RLA AICP”. Find out how to join Pinterest here.
  2. Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) 2009 with Revisions 1 and 2, May 2012 This is from the U.S. Federal Highway Administration. This is always being updated and interpreted. It is wise to confirm that you have the most recent information.  The section on  Crosswalk Design is  Section 18. You will need to scroll down to the section.   An official ruling from August 2013,  that interprets the section is  3(09)-24.  Here is the page with the latest news on rulings: You also need to check to see if your state has amended the MUTCD by adding a supplement or creating a complete State MUTCD.
  3. Crosswalk Marking Field Visibility Study: . This is the type of research that the FHWA relies on.
  4. Carlos Cruz-Diez – a portfolio and biography.
  5. Roadsworth – Peter Gibson – a portfolio and biography.
  6. Christo Guelov – Funny Cross II Torrelodones, Madrid – a portfolio and biography.
  7. Crossing the Line – Trailer for Documentary about Roadsworth . The artist’s story about his inspiration, arrest and support from the community.
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