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2017 Design Excellence Awards Jury Citations

Landscapes and Open Spaces Jury Citations

“This space is in Rockville does everything that a public square should do, It encourages activities such as sitting on the grass, splashing in the fountain, meeting friends and more that are all about connection and community. The square is not only the symbolic center of Rockville, but its civic heart”

2017 Design Excellence Awards Jury

Rockville Town Square Plaza

Rockville, MD

  • Owner/Developer: City of Rockville
  • Development Partner: Federal Realty Investment Trust
  • Development Management: Development Management Group
  • Master Planner/Designer: Street-Works Studio
  • Landscape Architect/Civil Engineer: Macris, Hendricks and Glascock
  • Contractor: Whiting-Turner Contracting Company


“Seldom are the spaces between buildings given design attention, yet we are drawn to them in places like Georgetown and Bethesda where people come together to enjoy the vitality of urban life, Downtown Crown is a beautiful example of the urban architecture that delights the pedestrian.”

2017 Design Excellence Awards Jury

Downtown Crown

Gaithersburg, MD

  • Owner: Retail Properties of America, Inc.
  • Developer: JBG Smith
  • Architect: David M. Schwarz Architects
  • Master Planner and Executive Architect: BCT Architects
  • Landscape Architect: Parker Rodriguez, Inc.
  • Contractor: Foulger-Pratt
  • Civil Engineer: Bohler Engineering
  • Structural Engineer: Carroll Engineering, Inc.
  • Photography: Alan Karchmer

“Every neighborhood in Montgomery County should have a park as beautiful as this design. The natural landscape, public art and bridge, and family-oriented features make this design a model of neighborhood park-making.”

2017 Design Excellence Awards Jury

Evans Parkway Neighborhood Park

Silver Spring, MD

  • Owner/Developer: Montgomery County Department of Parks, Park Development Division
  • Landscape Architect: Oculus
  • Contractor: Environmental Quality Resources (EQR)
  • Construction and Stream Restoration: Environmental Quality Resources (EQR)
  • Civil Engineer: PE Bohler Engineering
  • Structural Engineer: Mesen Associates
  • Art: Drew Goerlitz, Ali Della Bitta

Buildings and Sites Jury Citations

“The original 1970s pavilion was a tour-de-force in its sensitivity to the neighborhood. The transformation of the building creates a friendlier, more engaging building. The stunning modern addition fits beautifully into one of the county’s most historic neighborhoods. ”

2017 Design Excellence Awards Jury

Pavilion 3, Montgomery College Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campus

Silver Spring, MD

Project Team:

  • Owner/Developer: Montgomery College
  • Architect: Cho Benn Holback + Associates, a Quinn Evans Company
  • Contractor: Hess Construction
  • Structural Engineer: Keast and Hood

“This project exquisitely restores a stone barn and its adjacent carriage house for public use as a visitor center and museum at the Woodlawn Manor Cultural Park. The integrity of the original structures is preserved and the history of the local African American and Quaker communities reinterpreted through multi-media exhibits. ”

2017 Design Excellence Awards Jury

Woodlawn Museum at Woodlawn Manor Cultural Park

Sandy Spring, MD

Project Team:

  • Owner/Developer: Montgomery County Department of Parks | Park Development Division and Cultural Resources Stewardship Section
  •  Architect: Miche Booz Architect
  •  Exhibit Design: Howard Revis Design Services
  •  Landscape Architect: PELA Design, Inc.
  • Contractor: Garcete Construction Company
  • Structural Engineer: David Wallace
  • MEP Engineer: Bera Engineers, Inc.
  • Exhibit Fabrication: Capital Museum Services
  • Audio Visual Production: Boston Productions, Inc.
  • Photography: Roger Foley

“This last restoration effort at National Park Seminary, once a prestigious girls school, houses a beautifully and a cleverly designed set of condominium residences. The apartments fit into the rafters as naturally as if that was their intended use. ”

2017 Design Excellence Awards Jury

Gymnasium at National Park Seminary

Silver Spring, MD

  • Owner/Developer: Gymnasium at NPS, LLC
  • Architect: Carib Daniel Martin Architecture and Design, and Morris Architects
  • Project Management: Voglmayr and Associates
  • Contractor: Washington Landmark Construction, LLC
  • Structural Engineer: Skarda and Associates, Inc.
  • MEP Engineer: Spears/Votta Associates, Inc.
  • Civil Engineer: VIKA Maryland, LLC
  • Financing: Premier Bank

“The design takes three warehouses and organizes them in a way to add a third floor and beautiful green spaces, creating an innovative, high-tech work environment where people want to come to work in the morning.”

2017 Design Excellence Awards Jury

Greencourt Innovation Center

  • Owner/Developer: Greencourt, LLC
  • Architect: McInturff Architects
  • Contractor: Meridian Construction Co., Inc.
  • Structural Engineer: 1200 Architectural Engineers, PLLC
  • MEP Engineer: James Posey Associates
  • Photography: Julia Heine
Last Updated: June 6, 2018