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Urban Land Institute Virtual Advisory Services Panel


In April 2020, Montgomery Planning selected the Urban Land Institute’s (ULI) Advisory Services Program to convene a virtual Advisory Services Panel of independent, volunteer land use and real estate experts to review and provide recommendations on Montgomery Planning’s preliminary recommendations on the update to the policy’s schools element. The SSP identifies how school facility infrastructure adequacy is defined and measured with respect to the approval of new development. The ULI panel also provided a national perspective on best practices and resources related to policies that guide growth, infrastructure funding and school capacity issues. Montgomery Planning staff will incorporate feedback from the ULI panel into the recommendations presented during a Planning Board briefing on May 28.

“I was very impressed with the expertise and perspective on the virtual ULI panel,” said Montgomery Planning Director Gwen Wright. “The update to the county’s growth policy is one of our most important initiatives, and I’m confident this update will lay the groundwork for how our county can grow and thrive into the future.”

ULI is a global, multidisciplinary real estate organization whose work is driven by more than 45,000 members dedicated to responsible land use and building thriving communities.

The virtual ULI Advisory Services panel included national experts who worked intensively for two and a half days on analyzing data and preliminary SSP recommendations, researching best practices from around the country, and conducting interviews with stakeholders, county agencies and community members. The ULI panel’s final report and recommendations will be delivered in early June.

Last Updated: June 11, 2020