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The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission

Transportation Policy Area Review


Montgomery County’s Subdivision Staging Policy is the overall approach to ensure that roads, schools, and other public facilities are provided to serve development in a timely way. Testing for sufficient auto and transit capacity to serve the county has been governed by Policy Area Mobility Review (PAMR) since 2007, but it was not easy to understand how a particular policy area was determined to have adequate or inadequate transportation capacity for growth, or what specific solutions would make the situation better. The goal of a new process is increase the transparency of the adequacy determination and to ensure that solutions are timed to accommodate growth as prescribed by adopted master plans. The Council asked the Planning Department to create a new governing mechanism that:

The proposed Transportation Policy Area Review (TPAR) responds to these requests in the following ways.

Transparent Approach

Ensure Delivery

Regular and specific reviews by the Planning Board and County Council as part of the master planning and budget process will ensure projects are not overlooked and will allow for adjustments to programming and implementing transportation solutions.

Reports and Guidelines