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University Boulevard Corridor Plan Additional Resources

Urban Land Institute (ULI) Technical Assistance Panel (TAP), February 2023

Montgomery Planning pursued a Technical Assistance Panel (TAP) through the Urban Land Institute Washington this winter to provide an independent perspective from regional experts in design, planning, architecture, engineering, and real estate and offer new ideas for the Planning Department to consider as the University Boulevard Corridor Plan is being developed. It is important to note that the TAP’s findings are not the Plan’s recommendations. The TAP’s findings are a ULI product and is independent from future recommendations to be developed by Montgomery Planning for the University Boulevard Corridor Plan.

The TAP is comprised of multidisciplinary panelists with expertise in design, planning, architecture, engineering, and real estate. Montgomery Planning pursued this to explore market conditions that are necessary to advance corridor-focused growth along University Boulevard, consistent with Thrive Montgomery 2050.

The TAP presented its recommendations to Montgomery Planning on February 8 at M-NCPPC’s Wheaton Headquarters. Members of the public were also in attendance.

Download the presentation slides.

Last Updated: March 10, 2023