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Shady Grove

Shady Grove Sector Plan

The 2021 Shady Grove Sector Plan Minor Master Plan Amendment envisions the continued transformation of the Shady Grove Metro Station area from a light industrial and commercial area into a new mixed-use community with new public amenities and open spaces. The prior 2006 Shady Grove Sector Plan established a bold vision to transform the terminal Redline Metro Station area, including the redevelopment of the County Service Park (CSP) and supported by new public open spaces and amenities. Unlike 2006 Sector Plan, a staging plan was not included in the 2021 Plan.

Key recommendations in the 2021 Shady Grove Sector Plan are the following:

  • Complete the relocation for all public facilities from the County Service Park (CSP).
  • Promote the redevelopment of the Metro station surface parking and single-use commercial properties into mixed-use places.
  • Utilize Vision Zero as a framework to address High Injury Network (HIN) roadways, including a portion of Shady Grove Road and Frederick Road (MD 355).
  • Accommodate new bikeways that link the plan area to surrounding municipalities.
  • Require 15 percent moderately priced dwelling units (MPDUs) as the highest public benefit.
  • Create new parks and open spaces for public use and to promote a livable environment.
  • Support the community facilities recommended in the 2006 Shady Grove Sector Plan, including a local park and an elementary school at Jeremiah Park.
  • Designate the Derwood Store and Post Office to the Master Plan for Historic Preservation.

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Last Updated: October 27, 2023