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Great Seneca Science Corridor Master Plan Master Plan Amendment Phase 1

The 2010 Great Seneca Science Corridor Master Plan (2010 Plan) created a vision for a dynamic live/work community that would support a globally recognized biotechnology hub in the Shady Grove Life Science Center. Ten years later, the biotechnology sector is thriving, providing needed jobs to county residents.

While the life sciences industry is strong, regulations—called staging requirements—established by the 2010 Plan have impeded further growth in this leading biotech hub. The Great Seneca Science Corridor Minor Master Plan Amendment (approved and adopted December 2021) will review the framework that established these regulations in 2010, and assess the growth, development and infrastructure investment that has occurred over the past decade. The Minor Master Plan will also identify strategies to advance progress toward the vibrant live work community envisioned in the 2010 Plan and support the vital life science industry.

View the Approved and Adopted Plan

This Minor Master Plan will not amend any of the zoning recommendations from the 2010 Plan. Zoning recommendations dictate the maximum height and area of buildings and type of allowable land uses for each property.

View the development handout and the public hearing.

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Last Updated: May 18, 2022