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The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission

Why Get Involved

This plan is an opportunity to shape the future of Silver Spring. If you work, play, or spend time in downtown Silver Spring — or consider the plan area part of your neighborhood — this is your chance to help shape your community’s future. Your participation and voice in the process are vital to developing a plan that reflects the community’s needs, anticipates the changes to come, and retains the uniqueness and diversity that make Silver Spring the beloved place it is today.

About Engagement

Named the fourth most culturally diverse location in the US, Silver Spring is home to many people who are culturally, racially, ethnically, age, and socio-economically diverse. As part of our planning framework, equity will be woven through all parts of the plan.

Community members’ voice and participation in the process are vital to planning that reflects the needs of the community, anticipates the changes to come, and retains the unique character and diversity that make Silver Spring a great place. That’s why the Silver Spring Downtown and Adjacent Communities Plan team will work tirelessly to engage all communities so that everyone has the opportunity to fully participate in the sector plan process.

We have begun community engagement community engagement with a series of listening sessions to better understand the hopes, needs and concerns of the entire community before planning specific engagement opportunities. Listening is one of four phases and will inform how we partner with and engage community members during the next three phases. See what we’ve heard and who we’ve heard from so far.

Read more about our approach to community engagement in the plan scope of work.

Community engagement timing related to COVID-19

The pandemic introduced new challenges and highlighted existing challenges both in Silver Spring and across the country. It is our responsibility as planners and public servants to continue working to plan for the future of Montgomery County, especially in the face of a crisis such as the current pandemic. Crises like these underscore the need for good, future-focused planning and reveal new issues to consider during the planning process.

Sector plans and master plans take years. We cannot develop this plan without first listening to the community. The first year of the planning process is devoted to community engagement and understanding of existing conditions. Our current national crisis necessitates new and creative outreach and engagement methods but Montgomery Planning is committed to taking the time needed to organize a robust engagement process to reach as many stakeholders as possible.

Our highest priority is the health and well-being of our community members and our staff. As things evolve, we will continue to actively monitor the situation and assess risks so that we may implement the changes needed to ensure the highest level of safety and participation.

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Four Phases of Equitable Engagement

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Staff contact

Atara Margolies
Project Manager